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Flying Out of Wellington

The Wellington International Airport is located in Rongotai, a suburb of Wellington, which is approximately five miles from the centre of Wellington. It’s the third-busiest airport in New Zealand and serves over five million passengers each year. Several airlines provide service to the airport, including Air Chathams, Golden Bay Air, Jetstar Airways, and Virgin Australia. It also serves as a secondary hub for Air New Zealand. Rely on ebookers to find the best deals on flights out of Wellington.

Airport Parking

The airport offers long-term parking for passengers who want to leave their cars at the airport while they travel. Long-term parking costs $27 for the first day, $100 for six or seven days, and $120 for eight or nine days. After nine days, there is an additional charge of $5 per day to use long-term parking.

Transportation to the Airport

If you’re looking for an alternative means of transportation to the airport, you can take a taxicab or the Airport Flyer bus. If you want to take a cab, call Wellington Combined Taxis at (04) 384 4444, Green Cabs at 0508 447 336, or Corporate Cabs at (04) 387 4600 to arrange for airport transportation. The Airport Flyer bus runs from Wellington to the airport every fifteen minutes, and the one-way trip costs $6.50.

Dining at the Airport

There are numerous dining options available at Wellington International Airport. You can get a sub at Subway, a wide range of curry dishes at Curry Capital, pastries at Donut King, or a panini at Orb. If your flight leaves in the morning, stop by Red Rocks, which has a full hot breakfast bar, breakfast muffins, cereals, yogurt, and coffee. You don’t have to eat unhealthy food while you’re at Wellington International Airport; Wishbone serves chef-prepared fresh, healthy meals, and Fresh Bites has a good selection of fresh salads, bread rolls, super juices, and fruit smoothies.

About Adelaide Airport

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. It is a popular tourist destination because of its architecture, boutique shopping, and sandy beaches. When you are ready to book your flight to Adelaide, use ebookers to save time and money. Adelaide Airport is the major airport serving the city and is located just four miles from the city centre. It is the fifth busiest airport in Australia and serves over seven million travellers each year. Major airlines that serve the airport include Air New Zealand, Air South, Alliance Airlines, Qantas, and Jetstar Airways.

Transportation from the Airport

Taxis are available directly in front of the T1 ground level. Expect to pay about $35 to get to the city centre Adelaide. JetBus, the public transport bus system, picks up passengers from the airport to drop them off at the city centre. Several car rental companies are located within the airport. Remember to use ebookers to reserve your car before you make your trip.

Weather in Adelaide

Adelaide has a comfortable Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are cool and wet. Expect an average high around twenty-six degrees Celsius during the summer months. The winter months will have an average high of fourteen degrees Celsius. Most tourists will enjoy a trip to Adelaide during any season.

Major Attractions in Adelaide

Adelaide is a laid-back city that offers something for everyone. Nature lovers can visit several outdoor attractions, including the River Torrens Linear Park Trail and the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Every tourist should visit North Terrace, a walking area that features several historic buildings. Food lovers should visit Adelaide Central Market, a historic indoor market. Art lovers shouldn't miss the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia to view some of the city's finest artwork.

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Flight schedule for flights from Wellington to Adelaide on Thu, May 28, 2015

Carrier Flight # Departing Arriving Aircraft Flight time
Airport Time Airport Time
Jetstar/Jetstar JQ165/JQ778 WLG 06:45 ADL 11:25 320/320 7hr 10min
British Airways/British Airways BA7426/BA7431 WLG 06:30 ADL 11:45 73H/73H 7hr 45min
Emirates/Emirates EK5118/EK5741 WLG 06:30 ADL 11:45 73H/73H 7hr 45min
Emirates/Bangkok Airways EK5118/PG4544 WLG 06:30 ADL 11:45 73H/737 7hr 45min
China Eastern Airlines/Bangkok Airways MU8418/PG4544 WLG 07:00 ADL 11:45 73H/737 7hr 15min
Qantas/Bangkok Airways QF162/PG4544 WLG 06:30 ADL 11:45 73H/737 7hr 45min
Emirates/Emirates EK5118/EK5747 WLG 06:30 ADL 13:10 73H/717 9hr 10min
Emirates/Qantas EK5118/QF1555 WLG 06:30 ADL 13:10 73H/717 9hr 10min
China Eastern Airlines/Qantas MU8418/QF1555 WLG 07:00 ADL 13:10 73H/717 8hr 40min
Qantas/Qantas QF162/QF1555 WLG 06:30 ADL 13:10 73H/717 9hr 10min
Emirates/Emirates EK5118/EK5751 WLG 06:30 ADL 13:40 73H/73H 9hr 40min
China Eastern Airlines/China Eastern Airlines MU8418/MU4245 WLG 07:00 ADL 14:10 73H/73H 9hr 40min
China Eastern Airlines/China Eastern Airlines MU8448/MU4241 WLG 15:40 ADL 20:05 73H/73H 6hr 55min