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Cheap flights to Bangkok

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Best Anytime fares to Bangkok

Cheap round-trip flights to Bangkok

Departure Arrival Travel dates Airline Round-trip fares
London Bangkok Tue, 10 Feb - Sat, 14 Feb airline logo Transaero £335
Manchester Bangkok Tue, 17 Feb - Thu, 19 Mar airline logo Etihad Airways £440
Birmingham Bangkok Wed, 28 Jan - Mon, 2 Feb airline logo Air France £462
Koh Samui Bangkok Mon, 23 Mar - Sun, 29 Mar airline logo Bangkok Airways £182
Glasgow Bangkok Sun, 1 Mar - Sun, 15 Mar Emirates Emirates £482
Siem Reap Bangkok Sun, 1 Mar - Thu, 5 Mar airline logo Thai AirAsia £78
Newcastle Upon Tyne Bangkok Mon, 2 Mar - Sat, 14 Mar Emirates Emirates £469
Aberdeen Bangkok Thu, 19 Mar - Sat, 4 Apr airline logo Etihad Airways £484
Phuket Bangkok Wed, 11 Mar - Fri, 20 Mar airline logo Thai AirAsia £66
Edinburgh Bangkok Sun, 15 Mar - Sun, 22 Mar airline logo Etihad Airways £465
Tokyo Bangkok Wed, 25 Mar - Tue, 7 Apr airline logo Thai AirAsia X £255
Hanoi Bangkok Wed, 4 Mar - Wed, 11 Mar airline logo VietJet Air £80
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Best weekend fares to Bangkok

Best weekend fares to Bangkok

Departure Arrival Travel dates Airline Round-trip fares
London Bangkok Thu, 12 Mar - Mon, 16 Mar airline logo China Southern Airlines £417
Manchester Bangkok Thu, 29 Jan - Sun, 1 Feb airline logo Etihad Airways £460
Birmingham Bangkok Thu, 29 Jan - Mon, 2 Feb airline logo Air France £612
Koh Samui Bangkok Fri, 27 Mar - Sun, 29 Mar airline logo Bangkok Airways £182
Glasgow Bangkok Tue, 3 Feb - Tue, 10 Feb Multiple Airlines Check rates
Siem Reap Bangkok Fri, 30 Jan - Mon, 2 Feb airline logo Thai AirAsia £114
Newcastle Upon Tyne Bangkok Tue, 3 Feb - Tue, 10 Feb Multiple Airlines Check rates
Aberdeen Bangkok Thu, 12 Feb - Sun, 15 Feb airline logo KLM Royal Dutch Airlines £791
Phuket Bangkok Fri, 13 Mar - Sat, 14 Mar airline logo Thai AirAsia £66
Edinburgh Bangkok Tue, 3 Feb - Tue, 10 Feb Multiple Airlines Check rates
Tokyo Bangkok Fri, 30 Jan - Sun, 1 Feb airline logo Thai AirAsia X £226
Hanoi Bangkok Fri, 27 Mar - Sun, 29 Mar airline logo Thai AirAsia £85
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Finding Cheap Flights to Bangkok

When you are planning a trip to Bangkok, finding low-cost tickets can seem like an intimidating prospect. With ebookers, you can search hundreds of airlines to get the cheapest flights to Bangkok, any time of the year.

Flights to Bangkok

Bangkok is an important transportation hub in Southeast Asia. Millions of travellers pass through each year on their way to travel around the region or to visit the city on business. Almost every major international airline flies into the city. When you use ebookers to search for air tickets, our powerful search engine scans hundreds of international and domestic Thai airlines to find the best flight combination at the best price. Whether you are flying to Bangkok from the U.K. or from another city in Thailand, we can find the best deals. Plus, if you sign up to be a member, we'll send you advance notification of fare sales to Bangkok, so you can take advantage of the best prices right away.

Airports in Bangkok

When you book a flight to Bangkok with ebookers, you will arrive at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is located about 25 miles from the city's centre. The airport was finished in 2006, and is fully equipped with modern facilities designed to accommodate international travellers. All of the signs are printed in English as well as Thai. It is the hub for most Thai airlines, including Thai AirAsia and Orient Thai Airlines.

Transportation in Bangkok

Upon arrival in Bangkok, you will be presented with a wide range of transportation options to get into the city. If you can handle your luggage easily, the Airport Rail Link is the most inexpensive option. The train will take you into the city, where you can transfer to other lines in air-conditioned comfort. At the ground transportation area, buses run directly to Bangkok's main tourist centres. If you are traveling with a group, or if you have a great deal of luggage, a taxi is a good option. If you prefer to prearrange your transportation, check the ‘Extras’ section of the ebookers website to find deals on airport transfers. Booking with us takes the stress out of travel.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a microcosm of Thailand, demonstrating division between the traditional and modern ways of life. Rickshaws share the roads with high-end luxury vehicles, and noodle carts exist side-by-side with Western fast food restaurants. One of the main attractions in Bangkok is the giant reclining Buddha. For a taste of the city's ancient grandeur, visit the Grand Palace or wander around the grounds of the ornate Wat Pho. Eat like a local from one of the many food carts that are scattered around the city, and experience the rush of a tuk-tuk ride through the city's chaotic streets. For a unique view of old and new Bangkok, take a cruise around the city's waterways. If you need a taste of home, simply head to one of Bangkok's ultra-modern malls to enjoy the air conditioning and watch a Western movie before heading back out to explore the exotic, exciting city.

Whether you are traveling across Southeast Asia or across the world, ebookers can help you find the best deals on flights to Bangkok.

  • Things to do in Bangkok

    No denying it: Bangkok is chaotic. Expect to spend half your time just getting to where you want to go. But here the journey is the destination. This concrete and asphalt metropolis is anchored by car-choked and tuk-tuk-clogged streets. But its residents earn their Land of Smiles slogan; flash a grin and a few baht and you’re on your way to majestic temples shimmering under near-constant sun; Khaosan Road, where a who’s who of backpackers have been etched into bathroom stalls; or open-air markets where nearly everything can be bought for the right price. Along the way, pass by monks in saffron robes and dine on the endless variety of Thai street food. Or discover the Venice of the East by way of city canals, where modern Bangkok reclaims its bygone charms as you drift past stilted wooden homes, colonial mansions, and Buddhist shrines.
  • Bangkok When to Go

    Bangkok’s seasons can be determined by the level of heat: very hot, really wet, warm and sticky, or reasonably hot. The high season from November through March claims the latter description. Many from the northern hemisphere swap winter for the Southeast Asian shores (with the requisite stopover in Bangkok). In general, Bangkok’s high season stretches till May.

    November evening skies sparkle with the brilliant displays of the Loi Krathong Festival of Light. Based on 13th-century Brahmin origins, locals give thanks to the Goddess of Water and seek forgiveness for naughty deeds. You’ll find Thais and foreigners alike out by the Chao Phraya riverside setting candlelit floats into the water with a prayer. The festival is celebrated at various points along the river so that everyone has the chance to set his or her own krathong into the water. 

    Mid-April signals the Thai New Year, or Songkran, a nonstop, three-day festival where revelers take to the streets with water guns and buckets—a modern-day interpretation of when a Buddhist monk sprinkled water on people as a token of good luck. This also comes at the start of the shoulder season—and the start of monsoons, reinforcing the fact that the high point of Songkran is getting wet (literally, like you have just spent the day at a water park).

    The really rainy months of June through October indicate low season in Bangkok. Let’s just say it seems like the Songkran on steroids during the monsoons. There have been recorded episodes of near-constant rains for two months straight. Lots of rain and humidity can make for a miserable combination for some people, but the Thais just let it roll off their backs. August and September generally get the wettest, sometimes with floods reaching knee-deep depths in busy town streets. Pack an umbrella and a light trash-bag-like poncho; the muggy temps will prove a heavy raincoat useless.