Cheap flights to Barcelona

Best Anytime fares to Barcelona

Cheap round-trip flights to Barcelona

Departure Arrival Travel dates Airline Round-trip fares
London Barcelona Sat, 16 May - Tue, 19 May airline logo British Airways £26
Paris Barcelona Tue, 26 May - Wed, 27 May airline logo Ryanair £42
Madrid Barcelona Mon, 11 May - Thu, 14 May Vueling Vueling £30
Manchester Barcelona Fri, 12 Jun - Sat, 20 Jun Vueling Vueling £52
Mallorca island Barcelona Mon, 27 Apr - Tue, 28 Apr Vueling Vueling £26
Malaga Barcelona Mon, 27 Apr - Wed, 29 Apr airline logo Air Europa £23
Amsterdam Barcelona Wed, 20 May - Wed, 3 Jun Transavia Airlines Transavia £67
Ibiza Barcelona Tue, 2 Jun - Wed, 10 Jun airline logo Air Europa £37
Helsinki Barcelona Tue, 26 May - Wed, 3 Jun airline logo SAS Scandinavian Airlines £68
Rome Barcelona Mon, 8 Jun - Mon, 15 Jun airline logo Ryanair £42
Venice Barcelona Wed, 3 Jun - Wed, 10 Jun airline logo Ryanair £42
Lisbon Barcelona Fri, 15 May - Wed, 20 May Vueling Vueling £37
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Best weekend fares to Barcelona

Best weekend fares to Barcelona

Departure Arrival Travel dates Airline Round-trip fares
London Barcelona Thu, 11 Jun - Sat, 13 Jun airline logo British Airways £30
Paris Barcelona Fri, 22 May - Mon, 25 May airline logo Ryanair £109
Madrid Barcelona Sat, 9 May - Sun, 10 May Vueling Vueling £30
Manchester Barcelona Sat, 6 Jun - Mon, 8 Jun airline logo Brussels Airlines £81
Mallorca island Barcelona Sat, 2 May - Sun, 3 May airline logo Air Europa £26
Malaga Barcelona Sat, 30 May - Sun, 31 May airline logo Air Europa £23
Amsterdam Barcelona Sat, 16 May - Mon, 18 May Vueling Vueling £100
Ibiza Barcelona Fri, 15 May - Sun, 17 May airline logo Ryanair £37
Helsinki Barcelona Thu, 11 Jun - Mon, 15 Jun airline logo airBaltic £74
Rome Barcelona Sat, 6 Jun - Mon, 8 Jun airline logo Ryanair £42
Venice Barcelona Thu, 7 May - Mon, 11 May airline logo Ryanair £59
Lisbon Barcelona Fri, 8 May - Sun, 10 May airline logo Iberia £44
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Travelling to Barcelona

The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is a heady mixture of high culture and vibrant festivals. It is also one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean and has miles of sandy beaches that attract thousands of tourists each year. To book flights to Barcelona and research the city's hotels, visit ebookers.

Flying into Barcelona

Air travellers are served by the Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The airport is very close to the urban area of Barcelona and is approximately 9 miles southwest of the city centre. Keep in mind, when using the Barcelona airport, that it is divided into two separate terminals. Terminals are assigned based on your airline, not your destination.

Travelling from the Airport

Once you've arrived in Barcelona, you can take a taxi or city bus to get to your hotel. Taxis are available at both terminals, but you should expect to pay a €3.10 airport surcharge in addition to your fare. Baggage also incurs an additional charge of €1 per item, but the first bag, as long as it is not oversized, is complementary.

The Aerobus city bus service is also available to airport travellers. The A1 Plaça Catalunya line departs from Terminal 1 every five minutes during peak times. Terminal 2 is served by the Aerobus A2 line to Plaça Catalunya and departs every 10 minutes during high-traffic times. Both lines take 35 minutes, including stops, to reach the city centre and other downtown areas. A single ticket is €5.65, and a return ticket is €9.75. You can buy a ticket with a credit card at the bus stop or at an automatic sales machine, or pay the driver in cash as you board. There is no additional fee for luggage.

Barcelona Weather

For tourists who want the best weather, mid-June and September are both excellent times to travel. August is often humid and hot, with an average temperature of 28°C. Visitors during peak seasons should expect to dress for warm weather, but should also bring a jacket to protect against evening chills, because the average low in June is only 16°C.

Rain is most common from October through November and April through May, so don't travel during these times if you want to enjoy the Barcelona sun. January and February is sunny, but you will still need a coat. The average high temperature in January is only 13°C. However, if you are interested in Barcelona's cultural attractions, rather than its beaches, you may prefer to travel during this time to avoid crowds.

Best Times to Travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is a year-round destination for tourists, but its peak season is from March through August. During this time, there are nearly a dozen festivals. Sant Joan, probably the largest Barcelona festival, occurs in late June and is a public holiday. Expect extensive fireworks and all-night beach parties on the eve of Sant Joan if you're in Barcelona. The Grec Festival, which runs from mid-June through early August, invites dancers, actors, and musicians from all over the world to perform in the Greek Theatre. For visitors travelling later in the year, the September festival of Festa de la Merce, is also filled with fireworks and city-wide festivities.

Travellers looking for a bargain should plan trips from November through February. Considered Barcelona's low season because of cool weather, this time still has plenty to entertain travellers. The festival of Carnival, which begins in February, offers tourists a chance to enjoy fireworks and fancy floats.

Experiencing Barcelona

The Catalans' enthusiasm for festivities ensures that Barcelona is a vibrant city to visit no matter when the season. World-class museums, beaches, and other attractions provide enjoyable ways to spend your holiday. To research flights to Barcelona or to reserve tickets, visit ebookers.

Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona may have 4,000 years of history under its belt, but the Catalan capital is anything but stuffy. Take your pick from the many faces of this sun-splashed city: a Mediterranean seductress of leafy boulevards and Modernist architecture (Gaudí’s Casa Mila, anyone?); a gritty port city with labyrinthine Gothic streets perfect for getting lost; or a progressive metropolis known for contemporary design stores like Vincon, a shop so cool that even its bags are collector’s items. The medieval quarters of Born and Raval, right off La Rambla, hide hip boutiques in their maze of weathered alleyways. And the region gave birth to the fusion tapas boom that has swept the world. Work it off by strolling or biking along Barcelona’s beachfront, spruced up for the 1992 Olympics with glitzy high-rises and a new marina.

Barcelona When to Go

Blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, Barcelona is ripe any time of year. The Barcelona “brand” holds such a high tourist ranking that the city gets a steady stream of visitors year-round. The optimal times to visit are spring (May and June) and fall (September and October), with clear, sunny days and breezy afternoons that are perfect for strolling or biking around the city.

Summers are long, hot, and humid, but the sea offers the option for a quick reprieve. This period also happens to be the peak of the tourist season, when you’ll encounter the longest lines and biggest crowds. In August, however, locals typically leave the city and many restaurants and shops shut down, to the detriment of local flavor.

Winters are rainy and crisp, but the tourist crowds thin and hotel rates drop.