Cheap flights to Reus

Best Anytime fares to Reus

Cheap round-trip flights to Reus

Departure Arrival Travel dates Airline Round-trip fares
London Reus Tue, 25 Aug - Thu, 10 Sep airline logo Ryanair £119
Newcastle Upon Tyne Reus Sun, 12 Jul - Sun, 26 Jul airline logo Thomas Cook Airlines £170
Glasgow Reus Fri, 14 Aug - Fri, 21 Aug airline logo Thomas Cook Airlines £156
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Best weekend fares to Reus

Best weekend fares to Reus

Departure Arrival Travel dates Airline Round-trip fares
London Reus Thu, 13 Aug - Mon, 17 Aug airline logo Ryanair £169
Newcastle Upon Tyne Reus Thu, 16 Jul - Sun, 19 Jul airline logo Jet2 £331
Glasgow Reus Fri, 21 Aug - Mon, 24 Aug airline logo Jet2 £266
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Flying to Reus

Flights to Reus are ideal for those looking to do business or to spend time on holiday in Spain. Reus is the capital of the comarca of Baix Camp, in the province of Tarragona, which is located in Catalonia, Spain. The area is an important producer of wines and spirits, and it is also known for being the birthplace of Antoni Gaudi, the architect. Let ebookers help you plan your trip and find tickets that will save you money when you travel to Reus.

Landing at Reus Airport

Reus Airport is located in the city of the same name, approximately 1.5 hours from Barcelona. The trip to Barcelona is approximately 74 miles, although you can also fly into Barcelona directly. If you come to Reus, buses are the most common way to get from place to place. You will also need to know that this area speaks a form of Spanish, so you may need a translator outside of the airport in some areas of the city.

Travelling from Reus

When you leave Reus Airport, you'll want to take the bus to your next location. There is also a train station nearby, as well as taxi services, but the airport bus is the only service that runs year-round. A single ticket to Barcelona costs approximately €15, and a return one costs €30. Prices to the city of Reus are likely to be less than this, but you should contact the airport for service pricing.

Weather in Reus

Reus has a Mediterranean climate, which means it has hot and dry summers, mild winters, and rainy times. Lows of 4.5°C and highs of 29.5 degrees are common on average over the course of the year. The temperatures very rarely drop below 0°C, so freezing is not a common issue. The hot season lasts from mid-June to mid-September, while the cold season runs between November and March, so depending on whether you like hot weather or chilly weather, plan your trip accordingly. April is usually the rainiest time to visit, so if you want to have fun in the sun, consider other months to book your travel to the city.

Destinations to See in Reus

Reus is the capital of the area, so it has plenty of beautiful architecture and areas in which to do business. The Gaudi Centre is the only educational site that deals specifically with the works and life of Gaudi, so it is an important stop for anyone who loves the arts. The Church of San Pedro el Real is a beautiful cathedral that accents the city with its historic charm. To spend time interacting with the locals, La Suite is the perfect club to attend. The cheapest time of year to attend these locations will be during the rainy and cold months, when tourism is down, so you may want to plan your trip during February, March, or April for the least amount of foot traffic.

Planning Your Trip to Reus

This Catalonian city of Spain is waiting for you. Planning flights to Reus for holiday or business is easy with ebookers, and you can save money to enjoy more of the attractions the city has to offer.