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Agritourism holidays offer a real escape from the Rat Race. Leaving behind skyscrapers, city lights and busy traffic, you'll be immersed in a relaxing rural setting. Typically housed on old farms or in converted barns, these sorts of accommodations are often set to a backing track of calling cockerels and mooing cows. As the name implies, agriculture is a big part of the experience. You can expect green gardens and fields of growing veg right on the doorstep, not to mention the occasional kitchen space where the proprietors offer hand-cooked meals that really are farm-to-table. And that's just what's nearby. Beyond could be snow-tipped mountain ranges or dense forests, sweeping plains or rolling hills – all waiting to be explored. There's really no other hotel category that'll have you so immersed in nature.

If you're looking to get stuck into the great outdoors, agritourism is surely the way to go. Many stays offer an experience, not just somewhere to bed down in nature. You might opt to join picking groups to work your way through fields of grapes in the autumn. You might get your hands dirty by helping local farmers dig up their plots for the next planting. And you might learn about a working farm and the produce that it makes, all first-hand and with guidance from the people who live there. You'll be feeling like a bona fide country mouse by the time you check out.

Agritourism Italy is where it all began. There's a whole host of these rustic stays on the Boot. You'll find them hidden up in the craggy Trentino pre-Alps or dotting the Tuscan hillsides with on-site wineries and tasting rooms hidden in their cellars. You'll catch them nestled in the bucolic swathes of backcountry Umbria, shaded by cypresses and pines. You'll also find them studding the Marche mountains or resting in the heat of southern Campania as the rugged courses of the Amalfi Coast run into the distance.

But it's not just Italy where these sorts of stays are popular. They're now all over, from the wave-washed shores of South Africa's Western Cape to the county farmlands of England to the dusty peaks of the Spanish sierras. There's agritourism France, which means a chance to stay in the midst of rolling vineyards. There's agritourism Portugal, where the weathered schist villages loom all around. There's even agritourism Down Under, offering an opportunity to really delve into the untamed Outback. Staying in places like this mean you'll see what we're on about when we say that no 2 trips are the same.

Agritourism hotels are tailor-made for adventurers, outdoorsy types and travellers who cherish an authentic local experience. With so many of the rustic, country options to pick from, you should be sure to use ebookers to find the one that's perfect for you. Just enter the dates you're planning on travelling and you can make use of our intelligent accommodation map, zooming in and out to pinpoint the places that are closest to the attractions that excite you the most.