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The era when inns were just rustic lean-tos on the side of the country highways has long since passed. These days, inns promise something altogether different to your usual hotel. With a handful of rooms – usually no more than 10 – and an on-site kitchen where the flavours of local produce usually adorn the menus, there's something enchanting about opting to bed down in such spots. After all, these were once the chosen haven for real travellers, from spice traders on the Old Silk Road to mountain adventurers crossing the heart of the Alps.

Inn stays manage to set themselves apart from the traditional hotel by offering something much more earthy and immersive. Most of these sorts of establishments come with a limited number of guestrooms, which means it's easy to keep things personal and tailored to individual needs. That also means there's plenty of scope to make the decor or architecture special, so an inn is perfect if you're after a pad that's nuanced and different. A timber-clad room nestled amid rolling, rustic beauty? No problem. An opulent Victorian suite with a crackling fireplace? You're covered. A boutique double that oozes romance from its unique artistic touches? Done. No 2 trips will ever be the same when staying at the inn.

Foodies and lovers of real beer will also find plenty to like about inns. These sorts of stays started out as pitstops for merchants and coach riders on the country roads, meaning it's hardly a surprise that meals are a central part of what they offer. You could find yourself tucking into hearty home-cooked roasts in the rolling dales of Yorkshire or devouring kangaroo burgers in the Outback, munching on escargot in the French forests or washing down Chicagoan pizza pies in the Midwest. The point is, you're not likely to hungry when staying at an inn.

Although inns aren't limited to the countryside, it's also true that there's a real abundance of these stays in the wilder reaches of the world. That makes them a favourite of walkers and outdoorsy types, especially when you factor in that there's a whole load that cater for pets and owners alike. In fact, inns are often the go-to choice for travellers who'd like to bring their 4-legged friend along on that adventure with them.

Inns come with all the things you need for a short stopover in the countryside or an immersive break in the city. They are great for both fly-in visits or longer trips. They can crank up the romance or bring some serious style, making them a diverse and flexible sort of accommodation that has loads to offer. What's more, you'll always be in the company of just a handful of other guests, adding a level of privacy and quietude that you might not be able to find in a traditional hotel.

From bucolic country pubs to urban boltholes, there's a whole kaleidoscope of inns in the offing today. You can use our intelligent search tool and map to pinpoint the stay that's perfect for you. Just enter the dates you're planning on travelling and ebookers will do all the hard work.