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No matter if you're creating dust plumes down Historic Route 66 or wiggling up the Pacific coast roads of California, hitting the scenic highways of South America or planning a 4-wheel odyssey through the heart of Central Europe, the chances are that motels will offer the best bang for your buck along the way. Simple, no-frills rooms are typically the name of the game, with space to park the car being part and parcel of most stays. Calling all petrol heads and motorbike buffs – these low-key beds by the open road could just be the thing you're after.

The beauty of a motel stay lies in its simplicity. Usually located close to major highways and byways, these sorts of pads are perfect for the traveller who likes to hit the road early. You can rest assured that after a long day's drive you'll have a comfy bed to kick back on and a spot to cool the engine, all usually backed up by perks like ensuite bathrooms and comfy in-room seating areas. There's no faffing and fussing, just a set of keys, a car space and a good night's sleep.

Motels started life on the edges of the American highways, becoming an integral part of iconic roads like Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. These days they're everywhere, peppering the junctions of motorways from the UK to the Balkans, Australia to South Africa. That said, many still try to channel the vintage vibes of the classic motel stay. That can mean flashing neon signs beckoning travellers in the dusty Nevadan deserts. Or, it can mean off-beat places with characterful, cabin-style rooms hidden in the woods. You might also find modernist spots with retro Americana touches that'll transport you back in time.

Of course, motels aren't just for drivers. The highways might be where they came from, but demand for simple rooms with good transport links to major cities means that there are now a whole host of motel-style lodgings that cater to travellers who prefer to stay in one place for their whole holiday. Many promise some added luxuries, too. Think pools and games rooms, travel agent services and airport shuttle transfers to name just a few.

Most of all, budget travellers will find plenty to love about motels. No-frills rooms generally come with a price tag to match. That often makes these sorts of stays the cheapest of all, especially when you factor in the extra savings that come with a free parking spot. So, if you're watching the pennies, planning a road trip, or simply want a taste of vintage highway character, be sure to seek out to the top motels on ebookers. With so many motels on the menu, from far-flung pitstops in the American deserts to seaside lodges on salt-sprayed coast roads, you can rest assured that no 2 trips will ever be the same.