Find the Best Ranches in 2024

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Set out on the cacti-spiked plains of the Wild West, hidden in the shadow of carved mountains, or lurking in the dusty deserts, ranches could be your ticket to a real adventure holiday this year. With their mix of outdoorsy pursuits, family-friendly accommodations, romance and even luxury, they are well-suited to all sorts of travellers. Many guests come with a deep-set love for the great outdoors, while others will be seeking an escape from the stresses of city life. There are loads of ranch stays on ebookers, no matter what you're after.

Ranches are all about getting out and into the wilderness. You'll leave behind the CBDs and skyscrapers to trade traffic jams and subways for rolling plains and neighing horses. Many ranches are actually working farms, which means there's always a chance to get the hands dirty and enjoy the freedom of being surrounded by nature. Eager to learn how to tie lasso and herd cattle? It's on the itinerary. Want to don the chaps and jump in the saddle? That can be arranged. Keen to sizzle up a bona fide cowboy BBQ under the stars? You'll love a ranch.

Outdoorsy travellers and adventurous families will also find plenty to love on ranch holidays. Because these sorts of stays are typically far from the bustle of big urban areas, it's likely you'll have something wilder right on the doorstep. Days can usually be filled with hiking excursions, wild swimming, rafting down gushing rivers, horse riding outings, rock climbing expeditions, safaris – the list goes on. When you return, a crackling fire pit, a BBQ grill or a cosy lounge with views across the canyons, plains or mountains is the perfect way to unwind.

Room-wise, ranches range from the luxurious to the convenient. There are some with plush interiors warmed by real-wood fires, dressed in natural timbers and stone, packed with massive bedspreads and flat-screen TVs. There are others that prefer to keep the rates affordable for family travellers, offering suites with multiple bedrooms, bunks and even self-catering kitchen facilities.

There's such a wide range of ranches on the menu on ebookers these days, that you can rest assured there are enough choices to ensure that no 2 trips are the same. Whether you're seeking a romantic little bolthole in the American deserts or an adventure-rich getaway to the snow-capped ranges of Canada, a more offbeat half-term break or somewhere to pull morning yoga poses and hit the hiking trails, there's bound to be something to suit. It should also be nice and easy to find the ranch that's perfect for you. All you need to do is enter the dates you're planning on travelling and we'll return a list of the top-rated accommodation that fits the bill. You can even use our clever travel map to zoom in and out of a destination to reveal all of the ranches that are closest to the nature parks, national parks and monuments you were most excited about exploring.