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Immerse yourself in arabesque heritage by seeking out riads on ebookers. These traditional Moroccan palaces are the place to go if you're really looking to taste the character of a destination. They come with all sorts of features that'll have you feeling like a sultan of old. There are gloriously tiled facades that give way to cool courtyards where palms hang over babbling fountains. There are pockets of greenery hidden in the arcades and rooftop terraces where the scents of mint tea twist and turn in the dusty desert air.

A fusion of North African and Andalusian architectural styles, these sorts of stays ooze history and heritage from each of their tiled walls and cosy rooms. They are typically spread over a series of indoor and outdoor spaces, a tradition that helps to keep the whole place cool and breezy – you'll love that in the 40-plus heat of the North African summer. The whole point is to offer a respite from the hustle of the bazaars and high temperatures of the medina streets outside, somewhere to recline in the shade, escape the Maghreb rays and just relax.

Luxury seekers will find plenty to love from classic Moroccan riads – many of these places were built to house rich Moorish nobles centuries ago, after all. You'll sometimes be welcomed by the sight of a shimmering splash pool in a courtyard shaded by date palms. You'll often be enticed into Turkic hammams for sessions of steam treatments and massages after days of hopping between the bazaars and forts of ancient cities. You'll be greeted with herb-steeped teas to de-stress. And you'll always be able to find yourself a quiet corner to just kick back and lose yourself in the pages of a good book.

Location wise, riads often have some of the best spots in major cities. That's certainly true of riads in Marrakech, which pepper the UNESCO medina area and its ancient streets, just a whisker away from spice-scented bazaars and amazing landmarks. It's also true of places in other historic Moroccan and Spanish destinations where these sorts of stays are common, so don't be surprised if you bed down in the shadow of a Mudejar spire or find yourself sleeping under the rises of a great mosque. That's all just part of the immersion that comes with the riad experience.

If you're the sort of traveller who loves to be completely enveloped in the character and heritage of a place, then riads could just be the perfect choice. There are so many of these traditional Moroccan palaces on the menu on ebookers that you can rest assured that no 2 trips will ever be the same. We've also made it super easy for you to pinpoint the one that's perfect for you. Whether it's an uber-romantic pad in a honeymooners riad where sumptuous African fabrics spill out onto poolsides, palms swaying to and fro, or a rustic riad somewhere in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains, we've got you covered. Just enter the dates you plan on travelling and we'll reveal the top accommodations in your destination. You can even zoom in and out of particular neighbourhoods to pinpoint the stays that are closest to the monuments and sights you've got on your to-see list.