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Recipe courtesy of Chloe at Lashes of Lifestyle: Irish Cream Liqueur is a must-have at Christmas. Delicious solo over ice, it's perfect to create a creamy cocktail for dessert or late evening with the family/friends by the fire.

Ingredients & Method

1/2 Digestive Biscuit Chocolate Sauce, 50ml Irish Cream Liqueur, 1 tbsp. Hazelnut Syrup, 100ml Chocolate Milk, Ice cubes

Crush the digestive biscuit in a sandwich bag and pour out onto a small plate. On another plate squirt some chocolate sauce. Take a short glass and roll the rim in the chocolate sauce followed by the digestive biscuits to create a biscuit rim. In a measuring cup, combine the Irish cream liqueur, hazelnut syrup and chocolate milk and carefully pour into the glass with the biscuit rim. Add a couple of ice cubes, and serve with a straw.