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8 reasons why you should be planning a trip to Oman

Pristine beaches, ever-shifting sandy dunes, breathtakingly beautiful 'wadis', fjords and craggy mountains make Oman an outdoorsy paradise. But visit also Muscat's historic quarters, or the country's many forts, and taste the rich food, [...]

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10 reasons why you should be planning a trip to Porto

This northern coastal city isn’t quite buzzing with life nor is it sleepy; rather, Porto dances to its own beat. […]

Galleries and museums opening around the world in 2022

Whatever the medium – painting or pottery, photography or kinetic installation – artworks capture the zeitgeist of their times and […]

The world’s most spectacular tidal and seaside pools

We might be in the throes of winter though we can still daydream of sunnier days ahead. Beaches and oceans […]