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Recipe courtesy of Luisa-Christie: Looks great served in a martini glass, or get fancy and serve it in a champagne 'saucer' glass, to really impress your vegan friends with this sweet Christmas treat.

Ingredients & Method

25ml cointreau, 25ml gin (this can be plain or fruity flavoured - but avoid sloe gin), 50ml cranberry juice, 50ml prosecco/champagne, 1 orange wedge powdery icing sugar

Put ice & cold water into glass to ensure it is chilled. Mix cointreau, gin and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Empty out your now-chilled glass and run the inside of an orange wedge around the rim. Pour a little icing sugar onto a small plate/saucer and turn glass upside down and gently dab onto icing sugar (to encourage icing to stick to the orange rim and look like delicate snow). Slowly pour the cocktail mixture into the glass and top with bubbles of your choice - prosecco or champagne. Add orange wedge to side of glass for decoration.