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Is your Christmas a boozy one?

Where's the best place to spend Christmas?

How does your Christmas taste?

How creamy is your Christmas cocktail?

Pick your poison:

Are you a home cocktail-mixing whiz?

Do you have an adventurous palate?

Mocktails are a mockery! Liquid courage is top of the wish list this year! I don't need booze to enjoy the festive season! I'll be sober this Christmas! I'm totally teetotal - not a drop for me! I'll dabble in the odd tipple; Christmas is for celebrating!
At home - cosy with family and friends! Embracing the winter wonders on a festive, frosty walk Out in the city, being ever-so-stylish On the beach!
Christmas is all about sweetness! A bit of bitterness for the Scrooge in me! The season may be sweet, but the drink must be sour! Christmas is a time to get spicy!
I'm vegan! None for me, please! The less cream, the better! A little bit of cream never hurt anybody! As creamy as can be!
Juices! Fruit always comes first. Hard spirits for this spiritual occasion! Wines and cider are the deciders! Christmas starts at Vino'clock! Milk! It's Santa's favourite, after all!
'Novice' would be an overstatement! I've dabbled from time to time I can conquer the classics, but avoid experimenting I am the master of mixology!
No, I have a strict Christmas wish list! I'll try anything at Christmas!