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Fix of the rays? Most of us will be needing one in a few months’ time, when winter finally releases us from her chilly embrace.

These sunny spots around the planet hit the sweet spot of tolerable heat and plenty of hedonistic holiday activities.

Las Vegas

March temp: 14C average (high: 21C)*

Weather’s irrelevant when hitting Vegas, right? You’re there for the casino glitz and glamour, and these venues are strictly climate-controlled: it could be snowing out there, and the clients tugging away at the one-armed bandits might be blissfully unaware.

Answer: don’t spend too much time at the one-armed bandits (or the roulette wheel, blackjack table, etc). Get outside to see what else this good-time city has to offer. The desert landscape surrounding Vegas can be breathtaking, from sculptural canyons to alpine forest. The awesome vista that is Death Valley is only a couple of hours’ drive away.

Las Vegas Holidays 


March temp (Havana): 23C average (high: 28C)

Cuba doesn’t do seasons like Britain: you’ve got wet and dry, and the dry season is when most people go. Less rain then means less sticky humidity. March is towards the end of the dry season and a good time to visit – you’ll find a decidedly civilised climate in Havana, one of the funkiest, most characterful cities on the planet, during that month, including an average seven hours of sunshine. Visit the capital in 2019 from March 21-23 for the boogie explosion that is the Havana World Music Festival.

Cuba Holidays 


March temp: 17C average (high: 20C)

This highly atmospheric Moroccan town might have a beach (an endless, sweeping thing with a decidedly romantic feel) but it isn’t your typical sun ‘n’ sea destination. For a start, it’s too windy (famously so; it howls) for swimming, although windsurfers love it, and the sun, although bright, is mild year-round.

No, what’s been drawing all sorts of arty and generally lotus-eating types to the place of late is the setting – the weathered old Portuguese fort, the towering city walls, the winding lanes clustered with tajine joints and bric-a-brac shops.

Plus Essaouira is still, on the whole, refreshingly well-priced.

Morocco Holidays 

Gran Canaria

March temp: 19C average (high: 22C)

Spain’s Canary Islands don’t do cold – they’re known as ‘the islands of eternal spring’ – although March falls within the milder end of the spectrum. Much warmer than mainland Spain in the winter, they offer a great taste of Hispanic culture when the rest of Europe is shivering.

Head to the resorts for the low-intensity holiday you no doubt deserve but this, the third largest in the island group, offers so much more. Gran Canaria has an astonishing variety of terrain to explore, including southern desert and a lonely, mountainous interior that can feel like an Atlantic Shangri-La.

Gran Canaria Holidays


March temp: 29C average (high: 34C)

Here’s one for the inveterate baskers. This tropical Malaysian island is hot year-round and March – the dry season – offers mostly cloud and rain-free days. The heat can be oppressive, if you’re unused to it, but relief in the form of a dip at one of the many paradisiacal beaches is never far away.

Langkawi feels designed to soothe you, even if you do have to put up with a day in the air to get there from the UK. The culture is a mix of Malaya, Chinese and Indian, with one obvious payoff in the tantalising fusion of culinary offerings – often coming with dreamy views of mountain or sea.

Langkawi Holidays 


March temp (Kingston): 27C average (high: 31C)

Here’s another hottie: temperatures on Jamaica don’t vary very much, but come in March and you’ll be spared the chance of a hurricane. The obvious pleasures here are the tropical tourist ones of beach-lounging and water spots, interspersed with people bringing you things to eat and drink.

Jamaica Holidays 


March temp (Amman): 12C average (high: 16C)

This is the best time of year to visit a country with some of the most beguiling historical monuments of all: go any later, and it risks being unbearably hot. While daytime temperatures throughout Jordan in March are likely to be mild, you’ll need warm clothing for the nights.

Climate aside, even the most jaded traveller is likely to be awed by the sight of Petra, the ancient desert city carved into rose-rock cliffs. Beyond, wild, arid landscapes dotted with oases beckon in one of the safest Middle Eastern countries.

Jordan Holidays 




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