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Jam-packed with high culture, buzzy nightlife, and one of the most dynamic food scenes on the continent, the Danish capital is a treasure trove for those who decide to explore it. Be sure to spend at least a few days here and expect to leave thoroughly smitten with the city.

1. Because there’s a bohemian paradise within the city

Even though Freetown Christiania is in the heart of Copenhagen, this hippie haven with a population of around 1,000 feels like stepping into another world. Admire the street murals, check out some galleries, dine on vegan food, and soak up the chilled vibes.

2. Because you can get tacos and pizza from a former Noma chef

Can’t swing a reservation (or stomach the price tag) of a multicourse meal at the latest incarnation of culinary wizard René Redzepi’s Michelin-starred eatery? Don’t worry. Noma alumni are all over town, which means you can eat some of the best pizza outside of Naples at Bæst or snack on top-notch tacos at Hija de Sanchez.

3. Because this is still one of the most innovative foodie capitals in Europe

New Nordic Cuisine is a radically locavore style of cooking, one that introduced the world to everything from the extraordinary prawns in the Faroe Islands to edible ants. Noma may no longer occupy the top slot in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, but this remains one of the most creative, delightful places to dine.

4. Because the museums are simply amazing

In the centre of this cultural hotspot, you’ll find places like The National Gallery of Denmark and the Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. Although it’s located 40 kilometres outside of the city, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is well-worth the journey.

5. Because the craft brewing scene is one of the best in the world

For beer aficionados, it doesn’t get much better than Copenhagen. Mikkeller remains a highly admired and respected brewery. Be sure to check out Ramen To Bíiru, their tiny noodle joint in hip Nørrebro serving craft brews and slurpable bowls worthy of a Tokyo master. Meanwhile, To Øl makes funky suds using Nordic ingredients. BRUS Brewpub, their taproom, is one of the best places in town to hang with the cool kids.

6. Because the nightlife is rowdy, eclectic and tons of fun

If you’re looking to party hard, look no further than the trendy Meatpacking District, a former industrial zone crammed with bars and clubs. Start your evening off with barbecue on communal benches at Warpigs, then go wherever the night takes you.

7. Because licorice-lovers have plenty of places to get their fix

Even if you aren’t a fan of licorice, Copenhagen might just convert you. The Danish are obsessed with this particular root in both savoury and sweet forms. Novices may want to start with the chocolate-coated offerings from Lakrids.

8. Because you can pay a visit to a very famous Little Mermaid

In honour of Hans Christian Anderson’s timeless tale rests a sculpture of Ariel by Edvard Eriksen. She waits on a stone in the sea looking contemplative and serene.

9. Because one of the best family-friendly theme parks is right in the city

First opened in 1843, Tivoli Gardens is a jewel of an amusement park brimming with old-school charm that both children and their parents can enjoy.

10. Because the neighbourhood of Vesterbro is the epitome of hipster cool

Once a rundown industrial zone, this buzzy district is now home to a thriving creative scene. Expect to see stylishly dressed Danish twentysomethings shopping for vintage clothing along Istedgade or sipping craft cocktails in Lidkoeb, a speakeasy housed in a former apothecary.



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