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Iguazu National Park, Argentina/Brazil

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Little more than 22 minutes drive from Foz do Iguazu Airport, the mesmerizing Iguazu National Park lies either side of the Argentine-Brazilian border. As if the natural beauty of the park wasn’t enough itself, it hosts one of the world’s most dramatic and awe-inspiring natural waterfalls – The Iguazu Falls. A series of waterfalls extend nearly 3km down, and man-made walkways mean you can gain uninterrupted access to its cascading inferno – a truly unforgettable experience. The park hosts a variety of wildlife, as you walk the steel walkways with Caoti raccoons, toucans and monkeys in tow.

Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite National Park, USA

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is nothing to baulk at. Yosemite National Park, nestled within California’s Sierra Nevada mountains is a breathtaking natural wilderness that satisfies all the senses. Famous for its ancient sequoias, imposing Bridal-veil Falls, the granite cliffs of El Capitan and the Tunnel View, there are many jaw-dropping vistas to halt you in your tracks and make you take in the wonder of its towering beauty. Millions of visitors traverse the world’s third-oldest national park annually, barely making a dent in its 3,081km². Fly into Fresno Yosemite Airport – just over an hour’s drive to Yosemite National Park.

Etosha National Park – Namibia

Etosha National Park Namibia

If you’re of the persuasion that the Serengeti is ‘so last year’ and you feel the need to fill your boots with another epic adventure – look no further than Etosha National Park, in north-western Namibia. Home to an impressive 114 mammal species, 340 bird species and 16 reptile and amphibian species, its famous Etosha Pan also fills its shallow lagoon with flamingos and pelicans when it rains. Getting there couldn’t be easier, with Namutoni Airport sitting just outside the national park, making sure you waste no time getting from the airplane to Etoshi’s planes.

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, China

Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park China

Think of China and one of the world’s greatest man-made achievements springs to mind; the Great Wall. A country so vast, that 1.4 billion inhabitants still can’t fill it up to the brim, leaving many parts of it untouched. Many natural wonders adorn China, one of which is Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, located north of Sichuan province. Shimmering blue lakes, picturesque waterfalls and thick woodlands can all be enjoyed from the countless kilometres of well-maintained wall. Accessing this UNESCO World Heritage site is simple, with the Sichuan Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport less than 35 minutes away.

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Milford Sound in New Zealand

New Zealand has always been famed for its warrior spirit and mentality, encapsulated in the iconic Maori people. But beneath that armoured exterior, New Zealand is home to a land full of wonder and unbridled natural beauty. Fiordland National Park in the southwest corner of New Zealand captures its essence, with glistening lakes and fjords, misty peaks and sheer cliff faces that plummet into mirrored lakes that almost induce a meditative state – practicing absolute stillness. New Zealand is vast, and a 3-hour trip from Milford Sound Airport will see you at its gates, where you can enjoy a range of activities – including climbing, kayaking and hiking.





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