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Dublin has long had an association with the trappings of love with its folklore and Gaelic charm. A weekend in Dublin treading the cobblestones of the Fair City is perfect for any couple in the midst of romance.

The best way to explore is on foot. However to explore the villages just outside the city, car hire in Dublin is the best option.

Hotel in Dublin

Hotel in Dublin

Park life

Fringing on the cosmopolitan buzz of the city centre, lie some historically rich parks. Start the day with a wander round St Steven’s Green which homes memorials of some literary greats. Disappear into Merrion Square garden for a stroll and picture moment framed by Georgian buildings, including the former homes of poets, Oscar Wilde and WB Yeats. This secret oasis is the ideal spot for a special declaration.

A taste of the black stuff

The Guinness Storehouse building alone will take your breath away. After learning all about the famous tipple, have lunch on the top deck gravity bar. Capturing stunning panoramic views of the city, it has a reputation for being the site of many marriage proposals.

Valentine’s relics

An absolute must during your stay is a visit to the Carmelite Church on Aungier Street, where it is believed Saint Valentine’s remains are. A dedicated mass is said every 14th February afternoon dedicated to the saint, when the relics are placed on the altar. What a unique and special way to pay homage to the patron saint of love.

Wrap up your weekend in Dublin with some folk music and craic in Temple Bar.

Hotels in Dublin are tailored for all needs. The Clarion Hotel offers international cuisine and gym facilities, including spa. Overlooking the historic Grand Canal and only a ten minute walk to the city is The Hilton Hotel. If you fancy good room service and a warm ambience stay at Brooks Hotel. Flights to Dublin go from most airports on a daily basis.



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