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What you find on the breakfast menu varies completely depending on where you live. From Thailand to India, to Australia and France, here are 8 different and delicious breakfasts from around the world to whet your appetite.

England – Full English

Traditional english breakfast and mug of tea

As one of the national dishes of Great Britain, the full English has been a staple breakfast option for around 200 years. The Victorians first made this fried, high-protein plate popular and it has remained a cornerstone of England’s food culture ever since. Eggs, sausages and bacon make up the main components of this dish, whilst cooked tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and a good strong cup of tea can be added at will.

 Colombia – Changua



If you book a trip to Colombia in South America, you might find yourself eating Changua for breakfast. This warm breakfast soup comes from the Andean highlands, and is made by cooking an unbroken egg in salted water and milk, which is then garnished with coriander and scallions before being served with a dry, toasted bread. A light, nutritious way to start the day!

America – Blueberry pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.

Different types of breakfast food.

When it comes to American breakfasts, they sure do know how to combine sweet and savoury flavours for an incredible outcome. One of the most common breakfast choices in the USA comes in the form of blueberry pancakes, topped with bacon and a generous serving of maple syrup. All you then have to do is wash it all down with a cup of hot, black coffee, and you have tasted the American Dream.

Thailand – Jok

rice gruel on wood floor

If you travel to Thailand, you will probably find yourself eating a breakfast with a similar consistency to porridge, called Jok (pronounced joke). To create this dish, you boil rice down until it becomes soft and dissolves slightly, then add the likes of pork or fish, as well as ginger, coriander and other ingredients. Have a taste of this warm pick-me-up to start your day in Thailand on the right note.

Australia – Vegemite on toast

Reichenbach, Germany - 0ctober 4, 2013: Vegemite on Toast - Produce in Australia at Kraft Foods' Port Melbourne. It's a popular dark brown australian Food Paste - used as spread for sandwiches and toast - the Australian People love it for Breakfast. It taste similar to beef bouillon. I shot this photo at home in Germany - the Vegemite was a Souvenir from my Australia Trip. Toast with Knife and 2 small packages of Vegemite.

When you take a trip Down Under and fly to Australia, you will surely come across the national delicacy of Vegemite. This dark spread was developed in the 1920s from brewer’s yeast to try and capture its high quantities of Vitamin B, and has since become a part of the Australian identity. Vegemite is best eaten sparingly on toast, with an accompanying layer of butter.

India – Dosas

Dosa with Chutney and Sambaar, Indian Dish

India is another country where you can find pancakes on the breakfast menu, but these Dosas are both cooked and served very differently from the American version. Derived in South India and potentially even reaching as far back in history as 100 AD, Dosas are made from frying fermented batter. They are then eaten hot with chutneys and a vegetable-based stew called Sambar, adding a touch of spice to your plate in the morning.

France – Baguette and jam

Breakfast, three jars of jam and sliced bread

If you aren’t a fan of the heavy English or American breakfasts or the spicier Indian versions, take a trip to France for a taste of the continent. Rather than the usual croissant, many French people actually opt for a fresh baguette in the morning, which they then ply with any flavour of jam of their choice. Finish off your ‘petit déjeuner’ with a short black coffee and don your beret before hitting the Parisian streets.

Spain – Churros

Fried Spanish Churros dipping to warm chocolate sauce

Start your day under the heat of the Spanish sun by filling up on some sweet and tasty churros. These long, fried-dough pastries are eaten for breakfast in both Spain and Portugal, but have also become very popular in France and the USA. Wake up in true Spanish style by dipping your churro in hot chocolate, champurrado (another chocolate-based drink), or another sweet spread of your choice.



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