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 There are two types of travellers: those for whom food is a necessary source of fuel on a journey and those for whom food is the whole point of the journey. For the former, here are some epic adventures that gourmands will remember for years to come.

4-Course Italian Cooking Class in 17th-Century Palazzo, Rome

If you’ve always dreamed of cooking like a nonna, then this 4-Course Italian Cooking Class in 17th-Century Palazzo is for you. Start your day by perusing the farm-fresh produce at a Roman market, then transforming those seasonal ingredients into a sumptuous feast with wine pairings.

North & Old Town Chiang Mai City Walking Tour, Chiang Mai

Heavily influenced by the culinary traditions of nearby Laos and Myanmar, northern Thai cuisine is exceptionally complex and fiercely addictive. Follow a knowledgeable guide on the North & Old Town Chiang Mai City Walking Tour and you’ll visit six eateries serving local specialties such as sai ua, a richly spiced sausage fragrant with lemongrass, kaffir lime and ginger, and khao soi, a golden coconut curry topped with a nest of fried noodles.

Traditional Dinner & Home Visit, Hanoi

The Vietnamese capital was one of the late, great Anthony Bourdain’s favourite dining destinations in the entire world. There’s plenty of fine food available in restaurants here, but you’ll forge a more meaningful connection with the culture by spending an evening with locals. At the Traditional Dinner & Home Visit travellers can sample home-cooked staples such as garlicky stir-fried morning glory.

Food Walking Tour & Tortellini Cooking Class with Lunch, Bologna

It’s not hard to see why one of Bologna’s nicknames is la grassa, or “the fat one.” After all, this is the city that blessed the world with tagliatelle al ragù, lasagne alle bolognese and, of course, tortellini, which legend claims mimic the shape of Venus’s navel. Stroll along the city’s magnificent portico-covered streets and try making your own pasta on the Food Walking Tour & Tortellini Cooking Class with Lunch.

Small-Group Guided Osakan Street Food Cooking Course, Osaka

Japan may boast more Michelin stars than any other country in the world, but the soul of this country’s cuisine resides in humble street-side eateries and izakayas. Learn how to make popular classics like lightly charred yakitori skewers and springy udon noodles on the Small-Group Guided Osakan Street Food Cooking Course.

Old Town Gourmet Walking Tour, San Sebastian

It’s impossible not to be charmed by the Parte Vieja (Old Town) of this atmospheric Spanish city, as travellers on the Old Town Gourmet Walking Tour will discover. Explore the vibrant La Bretxa market and nibble on Basque pintxos, or tapas, accompanied by robust reds on this two-hour wander.

London Bridge Food Tour, London

A couple decades ago, British food was the butt of jokes and snubbed by food-snobs everywhere. Thankfully, those days are long gone and the capital’s dining scene can easily hold its own against powerhouses like Paris, New York and Rome. Find out why on the London Bridge Food Tour, during which you’ll nosh your way through Borough Market and a historic pub.

Small Group Paris Authentic Canal St Martin Food Tour, Paris

Contrary to popular belief, it is very possible to get a bad meal in Paris. Sidestep the seedy bistros hawking subpar steak frites to tourists with the Small Group Paris Authentic Canal St Martin Food Tour, a three-hour jaunt through the sorts of unforgettable spots even Parisians find très chic.

Guided Peruvian Culinary Tour & Cooking Class, Lima

With its blend of indigenous and Japanese influences, Peru’s cuisine is one of the world’s most intriguing. Spend a few hours learning all about the native ingredients and how to make classic dishes like ceviche with the Guided Peruvian Culinary Tour & Cooking Class.

Harlem Food Tasting Tour, New York City

New York City, USA – November 07, 2010: Five guys cooking in outdoor theirs house the typical american bbq in harlem district in Manhattan of New York City.

Even in the great melting pot of New York City, Harlem boasts an especially rich gastronomic heritage. From soul food to Puerto Rican dishes to Ashkenazi Jewish fare, the neighbourhood’s culinary institutions reflect the waves of migration that helped shape this historic area. Learn all about its past, present and future on the Harlem Food Tasting Tour.



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