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The UK’s leading masters of chocolate, Willy Wonka has nothing on the creative geniuses at Choccywoccydoodah. Indulge in hot chocolate or purchase one of the immaculately carved chocolate creations that are surely too pretty to eat.

Address: 30-32 Foubert’s Pl, W1F 7PS

Fee Fee La Fou HQ

If it’s not bolted down, it’s for sale in this Dalston cave of wonders. From the wallpaper to the illustrative pieces donning the walls, Fee Fee La Fou HQ prizes creative artistry first and foremost, just ask Fiona behind the counter, an artist who also runs the Fee Fee La Fou Enterprises creative collective.

Address: 6 Bradbury St, Dalston, N16 8JN

The Button Queen

Knowing just how to push buttons, dressmakers, lovers of the unique and serious button enthusiasts from across the country make the trip to this unique Marylebone shop for a button-based experience like no other. Stocking buttons and nothing but, The Button Queen will give you a new-found appreciation of this humble invention.

Address: 76 Marylebone Ln, W1U 2PR

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

You’d never guess from the sophisticated façade of this store that its lacquered shelves are lined with treats as tasty as ‘Brain Food’, ‘Cubed Earwax’ and ‘Escalating Panic’. A shopping trip like no other, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies repackages child-like wonder for the discerning big-kid.

Address: 159 Hoxton St, N1 6PJ

Blade Rubber Stamps

You may never know how exciting stamps could be until you pay a visit to Blade Rubber Stamps. Every design, shape and type, with a rainbow of inks to match, let your creativity run wild at this Bloomsbury sanctuary of the simple stamp.

Address:  12 Bury Pl, WC1A 2JL

Get Stuffed

The stuff of nightmares or packed full of dreams, enter Get Stuffed in Islington and decide for yourself. Easy enough to locate, it will be the shop with the stuffed lion in the window.

Address: 105 Essex Rd, N1 2SL

Sylvanian Families

Rekindle the most adorable of your childhood loves at the Highbury Sylvanian Families Shop. Whether you want to pick up a furry friend to remind you of old times, or need the village windmill to complete your long-standing collection, you’re sure to find it on the floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Address: 68 Mountgrove Rd, N5 2LT

The Viking Store 

Brave warriors, if we’re all on the journey to Valhalla, then make a detour to The Viking Store to make sure you look fabulous when you get there. Based in Walthamstow, lovers of historical re-enactment, weapons enthusiasts, or just those who like to give their fashion a unique edge will surely find something to treasure at this shopping experience only the foolish warrior dare resist.

Address: 119 Wood St, E17 3LL

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Wander up from Leicester Square and tumble down the rabbit hole at Alice Through the Looking Glass. First edition books, collectors’ items and novelty knickknacks all adorn the shelves, so long as they match the Wonderland theme.

Address:  14 Cecil Ct, WC2N 4HE1


It’s easy to forget you’re in a shop at all at Camden’s most memorable fixture. Flanked by two huge robots, photography is forbidden beyond the entrance of this black-lit shop. Specialising in fluoro-coloured cyber fashion, PVC fetish wear downstairs and a tucked away adult section, it’s all displayed with a dose of fun and a lot more pulsing techno.

Address: Horse Stable Market, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, NW1 8AH



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