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Over the years, several cities have become our favourites for New Year’s Eve celebrations. And for good reasons too: great party venues, amazing fireworks and superb entertainment. However, new festive destinations are catching up fast, so why not explore a completely new location this year?


Party in Miami or celebrate in San Juan?

San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 13, 2015: The historic colorfully tiled facade of an old soda maker business in Old San Juan. Figurative and non figurative images. Yellow and blues are dominant.

If you want to party, Miami is one of the first cities that springs to mind. But, with A-Z list celebrities hosting all manner of festivities and clubs booked out months in advance, it can all get a bit much… cue San Juan in Puerto Rico! This Caribbean destination is hot — and we aren’t just talking about temperatures. New Year’s Eve celebrations in San Juan are a big deal so be prepared to dress up, glam up and live it up! Think fireworks, pool parties and glamorous dining when planning what to pack.


Double the party — from Sydney Harbour to Honolulu

waikiki beach and diamond head in hawaii

With the world-famous Sydney Harbour fireworks on their must-see list, each year about one million people head to Sydney for their NYE celebrations. However, Honolulu should be on their list too! Escape the city for a massive beach party, and be prepared to dine, drink and dance ’til dawn, with fireworks lighting up the sky throughout the night. Get to know some local customs and traditions, enjoy regional cuisine and chill out on the beach afterwards. Or, if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, celebrate twice, starting off your night at Sydney Harbour and then flying to Honolulu to keep the party spirit going!


From torch-lit Edinburgh to fiery Prague

Prague, Czech Republic - December 10, 2015: View from above on traditional market at Old Town Square illuminated and decorated for Christmas holidays in Prague - popular tourist destination, capital of Czech Republic and fifth most visited European city.

New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh is as much about fire and lights as it is about music and partying. The Viking Torchlight Procession, giant bonfire and spectacular fireworks are famous around the world.  However, the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, provides an equally fiery option for welcoming in the new year. With fireworks and the party spirit filling the air, you can celebrate outdoors, popping into some of the capital’s numerous bars for a cocktail or a famous Czech pint along the way. Or, keep warm and cheery inside at one of Prague’s numerous party venues.


Sparkling champagne in Paris or fresh oysters in Lyon?

Panoramic view of Lyon with Saone river, France

NYE celebrations in France’s capital — known as the “City of Lights” — are all about spectacular cabaret shows, exquisite food and, of course, champagne, champagne and more champagne! For an equally stylish and delicious New Year’s Eve, head to Lyon, France’s third biggest city. This lively place hosts a number of festivals, sporting and cultural events over the festive season. Many hotels organise outstanding New Year’s Eve celebrations, and so you won’t be short of ideas for seeing in the new year. Of course, champagne will be flowing freely here, too!


Swap Amsterdam for the natural glow of Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland's Capital City

Compact, friendly and very festive, Amsterdam is definitely one of the liveliest places to be for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. But, if you want a party town with a real twist, head north to Reykjavik! This northern-most European capital has some of the best music and party scenes in the whole of the continent! Top it off with fairytale-like glistening snow, breathtaking landscapes and the breath-taking Aurora Borealis, and you’ll have yourself a New Year’s Eve party to remember!



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