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If your heart is telling you to book a trip while your brain is telling you not to leave the house, you’re not alone. This travel tug-‘o’-war is nagging at many of us, especially when scrolling through our own social media feeds presents us with throwback photos from past trips. While all travel is subject to government restrictions (travellers should check government advisories before scheduling trips), here are some pointers on how to take those first tentative steps out the door once it’s safe to do so.

  1. Stay close to home

No matter which part of the country you live in, we’re willing to bet there are plenty of unique attractions in your region that you either haven’t gotten around to yet or haven’t even discovered. Check your local tourism site to unearth a few interesting, drivable destinations that make for great quick getaways. Start small with a day trip to a nearby beach, trail, or historic site, if that’s what you’re most comfortable with.

2. Get out into nature

You’ve been cooped up—perhaps with kids—since March and you are going stir crazy. We don’t blame you. While hanging out in a front or back garden (if you’re fortunate enough to even have one) or walking around the block is nice, we understand craving more. The great outdoors might just be the answer. Check out this list of Remote British wonders for inspiration on seriously socially distanced UK treasures.

3. Book hotels and rental cars with flexible cancellation policies is also a great source for finding hotels that offer free cancellation. Again, this option lets you book with ease and confidence, just in case things change or you change your mind. Limiting your hotel search results to properties with flexible policies is as easy as choosing the “Free cancellation” option under the “Payment type” filter. As for rental cars, ebookers  offers free cancellation, so you can cancel your car up to 6 hours before pick-up.

4. Book a holiday rental

If you’ve never booked a vacation rental, your next adventure might be the time to try one out! Holiday rentals offer one-of-a-kind accommodations in unique locations. Imagine the serenity of having your very own house on the coast, or a cottage in the Scottish Highlands. The possibilities are endless!

 5. Pack wisely

Prepare to leave that second swimsuit tucked away in a drawer as you make room in your luggage for a few COVID-era essentials. A lot of questions have arisen around the value of wearing protective coverings, general hygiene and disinfecting public spaces. To better understand how these issues might impact your packing decisions, visit the WHO website which offers answers to these questions and more.

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