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It’s that time of year again. Your lycra has had a good dusting off, #mondaymotivation is failing to produce its usual transformative effects, and cough syrup is the most alcoholic thing in your kitchen… It’s time to plan a holiday.

We did some research recently that shows 4 out of 5 (83%) British workers already feel like they need a break after Christmas – and we’re only ten days in. With over 137 million sick days taken annually, you would expect every last sacred day to be used – but an incredible 40% of workers still aren’t taking their allocated annual leave.

 To help put an end to this madness, we enlisted the help of three experts to tell us the benefits of giving yourself a break including TV’s Dr. Christian Jessen, who prescribed free holidays to lucky commuters in gloomy Central London on Monday.

In this short film, Dr. Christian Jessen GP, Geoff Rolls, a psychologist and Sherry Bevan, a business coach explain the psychological and physical benefits of taking a break which include restoring the three pillars of health, making better business decisions, bringing families closer together and allowing your colleagues to cope better without you.





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