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How to Get from Central London to Heathrow Airport

By kirsty tanner on April 5, 2016 in ebookers







If your next holiday starts by going from Central London to Heathrow Airport, then you’ll need to plan ahead for a relaxed journey. There are two main options when getting to London Heathrow Airport from Central London. Both of these options service all terminals.



Transport Options from London to Heathrow Airport

When travelling from Central London to any of the 5 terminals at Heathrow Airport you’ll have access to the same transport options. The fastest way from the city to Heathrow is of course the Heathrow Express train from Paddington Station. The Heathrow Express runs every 15 minutes to the airport and takes just 15 minutes to arrive. The Heathrow Express, however, can be on the pricey side so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, take the Piccadilly Line on the London Underground. This option does take longer than the Express, at just over an hour to arrive.


How to Get an Express Train from London to Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Express trains arrive at Heathrow Airport from Paddington Station every 15 minutes. Once you’ve entered Paddington Station, simply follow the directions on the floor to find the Express platform. Here you can purchase your tickets at the booth or through the self-service ticket machines available. While the Express trains to Heathrow are the fastest option, it’s important to note it’s also the most expensive.


How to Get a London Underground Train from London to Heathrow Airport

Catching a London Underground train from London is your cheapest option for getting to Heathrow. Heathrow Airport has three London Underground stations, one for London Heathrow terminal 3 and 2 and separate transport hubs for London Heathrow terminal 5 and London Heathrow terminal 4. You can purchase tickets from one of the kiosks or from one of the self-service ticket machines. If you’re carrying a lot of luggage, King’s Cross Station and Green Park Station offer step-free access. While the London Underground Train is the cheapest option for getting to Heathrow Airport it will take up to an hour to arrive, so be sure to leave enough time to check-in.


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