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While you’re likely to be familiar with Lady Liberty or the Empire State Building, the Big Apple is full of secrets. Prepare for an exciting visit to the city they call Gotham by impressing your friends with five things they didn’t know about New York City. You’re sure to get MORE out of your trip with these wacky stats!

MORE FOOD: The most expensive snack


Get more out of a relaxing stroll through central park, where you’ll surely be tempted to taste of one of the city’s culinary delights—hot dogs. What you probably didn’t know is that a one-year hot dog stand permit can cost over $289,000 in Central Park—the equivalent of a LOT of hot dogs.

MORE HISTORY: The most awesome tiny museum


From Harlem to Brooklyn, New York City is packed with museums, but “Museum” is one of NYC’s biggest secrets. Housed in an elevator in Tribeca, the rotating exhibition only fits three or four guests at a time and is sure to make your eyes sparkle!

MORE SURPRISE: The most shocking historical site



A visit to quaint East Village isn’t complete without a visit to McSorley’s Old Ale Pub. New York City’s top historic watering hole contains nearly as much charm as it did when it opened in 1854. But for all its popularity today, the bar was one of the last “men only” bars in the city. Ladies weren’t allowed to enter until 1970!

MORE THRILLS: The most spine-tingling underground spots


You’re bound to rest your feet during a long day of sightseeing in the lush, green havens of Manhattan’s Madison or Bryant Parks, but here’s something you probably didn’t know: once upon a time they were busy city cemeteries. There are over 20,000 bodies buried under picturesque Washington Square Park alone!

MORE DEALS: The most bargain deal you’ll find


Budget travellers can get more for their dollar thanks to this hot tip—many of New York City’s top museums ask for pricey admission fees that will soon empty your wallet. However, some, such as the spellbinding Metropolitan Museum and breathtaking Museum of Natural History only ask for a ‘suggested donation’—meaning any amount offered, no matter how small, won’t be refused.



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