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Whether pampered by a luxurious Thai massage, or spending days hiding away on a stunning beach, Asia is your destination for complete relaxation. Here at ebookers, we’re ready to let you in on our secrets for getting more relaxation out of a trip to the Far East. Prepare to kick back and relax!

Treat yourself in the Thai tradition


When you’re looking to let your cares melt away, Thailand is a supreme destination for more pampering than you’ve ever experienced. Whether enjoying one of the many budget-friendly Thai massages after a day of shopping in Bangkok, or relaxing on a white sandy beach and sipping fresh coconut juice near Phuket, Thailand is the place to give in to tranquility.

MORE exploration of ancient splendor


There’s nothing more relaxing than taking in the stunning temples of UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat, a once-in-a lifetime experience in Cambodia. Let the serenity of the ancient atmosphere wash over you as you experience the most breathtaking sites you’ve encountered, like giant tree-covered temples and labyrinthine hallways still intact and free to explore. Afterwards, treat yourself to a yummy local meal and foot massage in the nearby tourist town of Siem Reap.

MORE relaxation in Malaysia’s natural beauty


After a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s hilly green capital city, experience the thrill of nature while exploring the lush forests of Borneo. A visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary to see these red-haired creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat is an experience that will last a lifetime, while bringing true inner peace.

MORE eye-opening escape on Japanese Island Paradise


For the most relaxing destination in Japan, look no further than Okinawa, a string of islands that are undeniably Japan’s ideal spot for true leisure. Swim with the fish and giant manta rays in the blue waters off the coast of Ishigaki—you won’t regret this visit. If you forget your flippers, glass-bottomed boats are an affordable and truly relaxing option to see the island’s stunning marine beauty without lifting a finger.

Have the most local experience in Bali


Bali, Indonesia is one of the most luxuriant island paradises on earth —not to mention your own slice of heaven during a visit. Spend hours on the beach taking in the sun’s rays while that waves lap across your toes, or let the beauty of nature send shivers down your spine as you visit the breathtaking Kintamani Volcano. Complete calm is sure to be yours.



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