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Which song gets you swinging and which tune gets you singing? Don’t just sing ‘n swing, go to the heart of music’s most legendary destinations and live it!

Put your best foot forward salsa dancing in Havana

Twirl and swoosh to the authentic Cuban salsa sounds in Havana. Be ready to party the night away in this vibrant city, which oozes cool and has a fantastic atmosphere. In a place where music is everywhere, you’ll have no excuse to sit quietly in the corner.

Click with the flamenco scene in Seville

Traditional Woman Spanish Flamenco Dancer In Red Dress

Offering some of the most sensuous musical experiences, flamenco is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the ears. Flamboyant dresses, stunning routines and pulsating rhythms will lure you into the world of spontaneity, passion and theatrical wonder in Seville. And before you know it, you’ll be tapping away yourself.

Jazz it up in New Orleans

Jazz it up on the New Orleans summer streets

The unmistakable sound of jazz was born in New Orleans. Full of quirky venues and performers, the city still attracts jazz pilgrims from across the world. Visit the one and only New Orleans National Historic Park, dedicated to all things jazzy, and move to the original New Orleans beat. Grab your friends and get into the swing of it!

Rock out in Liverpool

John Lennon Statue in Liverpool

Declared “The City of Pop” by the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records, this buzzing city in Northwest England is the birthplace of many of the UK’s legendary musicians. Unarguably, the most famous Liverpudlian contribution to the world music scene is The Beatles. Catch a fascinating glimpse into the famous group’s childhood, explore the numerous music venues or rock out with the stars at The Liverpool International Music Festival.

Sparkle at the opera in Vienna


For something glitzy and glamorous, head to Vienna. A must-visit destination for the serious music and culture travellers, Vienna is home to some of the finest operatic establishments in the world, including the legendary Vienna State Opera. Get lost in the sparkle of the chandeliers, softness of sumptuous velvet and jaw-dropping stage acts.

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