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For some travellers the promise of cheap beer is enough to lure them to a destination, for others it’s just an added bonus. Whether it’s a classic lager you are after or a hoppy pale ale, here is a list of the cheapest cities to drink them.

Krakow, Poland & Kiev, Ukraine   – £1.07

People drinking beer outdoors in Krakow, Poland

Joint first these  Krakow, Poland & Kiev, Ukraine eastern cousins, rank as being the cheapest cities in which to drink beer with a pint averaging at just £1.07. Compare this with the other end of the scale in Geneva where you will have to part with over £6 when wetting your whistle and you can see why Eastern Europe has long been a magnet for beer lovers.

Bratislava, Slovakia – £ 1.09

Bratislava, Slovakia - August 31, 2013: Tourists are chilling in cafe on Main Square in city downtown in Bratislava. Recently the biggest in slovakia internatioanl cha-cha contest took place here, on Main Square.

Following just behind her Eastern European counterparts, Bratislava has established itself as a serious contender on Europe’s beer drinking trail. Over the past couple of years a wave of independent microbreweries and pubs have sprung up across the city where discerning beer enthusiast both local and international can be found enjoying a range of locally crafted beers.

Malaga, Spain – £1.11

Beer in Spain

What’s better than a cold beer in a hot country? The cheapest beer in southern Europe can be enjoyed in sunny Malaga. Home to a bourgeoning craft beer scene, beer enthusiasts can rest assured that the quality and variety are not compromised by the firnedly cost. For those in search of a classic Andalucian tipple, a bottle of Cruzcampo’s is never far from reach.

Delhi, India – £ 1.13


While New Delhi is often ranked as one of the world’s cheapest places to live, high taxes on alcohol can sometimes eclipse expectations of certain ‘lifestyle costs’. However, beer drinkers will be pleased to know that these taxes do not apply to beer!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – £ 1.15

Vietnam Beer

Southeast Asia is a beer enthusiast’s paradise! From the chaotic streets of Vietnam to the paradisiacal beaches of Thailand, you are never far away from a cold bottle of beer and an interesting view. The cheapest of which can be found in Saigon, where a bottle of bia hoi will set you back just £1.15!

Mexico City, Mexico – £ 1.26

mexico acfes

Mexico has a massive beer culture, the waves of which are readily felt throughout Europe with brands including Modelo and Corona that are typically served with a wedge of lime.  This is in fact  a European tradition, Mexicans only use the lime to clean the neck of the bottle, as opposed to putting it in. This goes back to when the delivery trucks had to use dirt roads and the dust would settle on the beer bottles.

Belgrade, Serbia – £ 1.27


And back to the east we will go.  While Serbia doesn’t have a long history of brewing beer, Belgrade has become a popular destination for small independent breweries. This means there is an array of locally crafted beer to be enjoyed, which is well experienced on a Belgrade food and beer tour.

 Asuncion, Paraguay – £ 1.28

View on the streets of Asuncion, Paraguay. Plaza de Democracia.

Paraguay’s capital promises the cheapest beer in South America. After a day exploring this thriving city and one time colonial capital, you can be safe in the knowledge that a chilled and cheap beer is never far from reach.

Bangkok, Thailand – £ 1.36

BANGKOK - APRIL 21, 2014: Street food vendor and tourist shops on Khao San Road on April 21, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Khao San Road is a famous low budget hotels and guesthouses area in Bangkok.

Bangkok attracts a steady crowd of revellers drawn to the cheap beer and crazy nightlife. Southeast Asia’s most vibrant city is laden with beer bars, some open across the clock with live entertainment, spicy snacks and plenty of smiling faces. If it’s a chilled beer you are after then there is much of that too!

GoEuro tabulated the index by comparing prices at bars and supermarkets in 75 countries.

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