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Check out this list of super  cool bars you have simply got to visit. Chosen for their unique locations, eclectic menus and cutting-edge design; we love them all and think you will too.

Northern Lights Bar, Iceland


Less than an hour from Reykjavík is the incredible Northern Lights Bar. A glass walled bar that is set against a windswept mountainous lava field backdrop, the bar is part of the super chic ION Luxury Adventure Hotel. It’s pretty difficult to imagine a better way to see the majestic northern lights, with its panoramic views over Lake Thingvallavatn, comfy sofas and beer from the island’s independent micro-breweries; this is stuff of dreams!

Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica

A view of the Pelican Bar off the south coast of Jamaica with the mountains in the distance.

Possibly the coolest bar on the planet, local fisherman Floyd’s had the genius idea of setting up a bar made out of driftwood, stilted on a huge sandbar ¾ miles out to sea. Reachable only by boat, guests can pay a local fisherman to ferry them over for an obligatory Pelican Perfection and chilled Red Stripe.

The Water and Wind Bar, Binh Duong, Vietnam


Situated at the centre of a lake in the Binh Doung Province, this thatched bamboo dome is totally amazing and should without a doubt be on your bucket list of super cool bars to drink in. Used as a venue for music performances, local meetings and other events. The wooden structure of the building is assembled from extensive lengths of bamboo, and features a circular opening at the centre of the roof from which hot air escape. So here we have a chilled room perfect for a chilled beer.

Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, New York


Having been bestowed with the prestigious title of “The World’s Best Bar”, the Dead Rabbit pays homage to the conviviality of Old New York and the Irish-American tradition. The ground-floor Taproom promises an informal watering hole serving up craft beers and bottled punch, for something more sumptuous, you should head to the upstairs parlor for communal punch and the choice of 72 historically-accurate cocktails!

The Lebua Sky Bar 


No trip to “Krung Thep” would be complete without a trip to the magnificent   Lebua Sky Bar – you might recall it from the Hangover II? At over 820 feet high, the Sky Bar is one of the highest rooftop bars in the world. Promising an extensive menu of seasonal cocktails, carefully crafted by the resident mixologists, sipping a cold beer or zesty cocktail while the sun goes down over the city is the perfect beginning or close to any Thailand trip.





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