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Hipster Holidays: Europe’s ‘hippest’ hoods

By Frances Doherty on March 8, 2016 in Amsterdam

Hipsters have a good sense of individualism, art and culture - not least when it comes to destinations. If you are looking for something other than Majorca and Milan, here is where you will find it.

The demand for individual tourism is big. At the World Travel Market, one of the main holiday fairs in the world, "Hipster holidays" were chosen as the most important trend in travel for 2016.

ebookers asked local residents from well-known destination cities for insider tips, pop-up cafes, exciting art galleries and cosy bars. Here are the top 5 holiday destinations recommended by hipsters for hipsters.

Miera iela - Riga (Latvia)

Aerial view of Riga center from St. Peter's Church, Riga, Latvia

Along the Miera iela there are several small art galleries, bookstores where you can get your hair cut and flower shops which offer green tea, as well as great cafés where live music is played.

Amsterdam-Noord (Netherlands)

The streets of Amsterdam.

While the average traveller goes to the South and Centre from Amsterdam Central station, the hipster is attracted northwards over the river IJ. There are many old industrial buildings with skate parks, lofts, pop-up restaurants, music festivals, flea markets, start-up companies and other interesting attractions.

Dalston - London (England)

Cool single gear road bycicle locked to a street lamp in front o

The street that long went by the unflattering name "Murder mile" due to the numerous drug-related crimes and repeated shootings now offers a wide range of street stalls serving organic food. And in the former porno shops, designer jeans and vintage furniture are sold. One thing is and always will be the same: cockney, the completely incomprehensible dialect of the workers, the local population.

Seventh District, Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest Graffiti

No need to fuss about Hungary's capital. One word is enough: bars. The dark, cosy bars in vacant houses in the Seventh District are the perfect setting for an evening in the spirit of Film Noir.

Canal Saint Martin, Paris (France)

Canal Saint-Martin

There are numerous small galleries and pop-up cafés in the area around the rue Amelot and the Canal Saint Martin. The canal is the perfect place for calmly watching the passers-by, like the reluctant philosopher who found himself by looking at others.


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