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Every year, September’s dwindling temperatures beckon travelers abroad to escape the stifling summer heat. All across the globe, from Peruvian mountains to Sicilian Mediterranean beaches, local festivals spring up, revealing captivating traditions to curious foreign onlookers. If you’re yearning for an adventure, but are still unsure where to go, discover the possibilities awaiting you this upcoming Autumn.

  1. Porto

While Lisbon has recently become European’s cherished destination, Porto is still very much a strong contender. After people watching in the cafes at Ribeirinha promenade, tasting exquisite Port wines in Vila Nova de Gaia, and devouring the ubiquitous meat-heavy Francesinha local dish, head to Crystal Palace gardens and attend Noites Ritual festival, comprised exclusively of Portuguese bands.

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  1. Peru

If you intend to hike the elusive Inca Trail, September is arguably the best time to do so. The dry season affords spectacular views of Machu Picchu, with pleasant temperatures in Cusco and the surrounding Sacred Valley. Though slightly hot in the Amazon Forest, the low water period uncovers previously flooded jungle treks and offers incredible fishing. If you’re going to the coast, make sure to sample the delicious food at Mistura Culinary Festival in Lima.

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  1. Tangier

Oftentimes dubbed the gateway to Africa, the port city of Tangier watches over the Strait of Gibraltar. The cooler days of September will make a trip to the bustling Medina and imposing Kasbah more agreeable. Don’t forget to save the date for the Tanjazz Festival to see international musicians play intoxicating jazz sessions throughout the city.

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  1. Ibiza and Formentera

After the intense party chaos of the summer, September brings an air of tranquility to the citizens of Ibiza. But don’t be fooled, the marginally colder weather is not enough to keep passionate revelers away. If the island’s festivities are still too much for you, hop on a boat and delve into the slow-paced nearby Formentera.

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  1. Sicily

With its emerald clear waters and white sandy beaches, Sicily draws hordes of visitors to the southern tip of Italy during the scorching summer months. Come September, travelers venture away from the enticing coast and explore the island’s bubbly countryside. After climbing the constantly erupting Mount Etna and sampling complex Sicilian wines, head to San Vito lo Capo for the yearly Couscousfest food celebration.

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  1. Budapest

Protected by nearby surrounding mountains, Budapest’s distinct position provides slightly milder weather when compared to its European counterparts. While attempting a visit to the famous thermal baths in the summer might be unwise, they’re the perfect ending to a cool September’s evening. Don’t miss out on the traditional National Gallop equestrian festival, where skillful riders compete for glory.

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  1. New York

The Big Apple’s neurotic pace tends to quiet down a bit after the end of summer vacations and Labor Day’s festivities. This somewhat serene period is ideal for travelers willing to enjoy the normally packed city’s attractions. Head to Little Italy to celebrate the annual Feast of San Gennaro, where nearly a million people watch the processions and gorge on traditional Italian delicacies.

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  1. Cadiz – Spain

Regarded as the oldest city in Western Europe, Cadiz’s rich culture spans over 3,000 years. After a day surfing top-notch waves on the Atlantic beaches, make your way to the city center to watch energetic flamenco presentations. Go to nearby Jerez de la Frontera in September to attend Fiesta de la Vendimia, the local wine harvest festival with impressive horse parades and wine exhibitions.

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