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Day 4 TUESDAY 3rd MARCH 2009
Breakfast as before but today it’s fair to say, we were all a bit slower and a little bit tired. As this was our last day, my plan was a steady day of doing what we fancied and when we fancied it. Except I still wanted to pull a few sights in… so off we went to the Centre Pompidou. We jumped off the Metro and with map in hand started to look for the Centre Pompidou. After our orbital walk around the area, I realised we had been standing next to it from the start, goodness knows how I missed it. We had no desire to go in the centre or really even be there in the end though as it was such a contrast to all the lovely buildings we had become used to. My wee ones weren’t impressed so a few shops and a café later, we departed. We walked back down to the village of Saint Paul and treated ourselves to a cake from the Patisserie there.

If you are able to wander away from the main streets, the cobbled ones are more interesting and give you a feel for the area. We walked and we mooched and we did a little shopping – we even found a shop for dog fashion so we treated our little pooch to a lead with a torch attached. At this point I need to mention my next educational point. As soon as we arrived in Paris, I told the girls to always look up because no matter how they change a shop front, the top of the building will show its true elegance. The problem with always looking up is that the Parisiens love their pooches but not scooping their poops, so looking up is not always advisable- looking down is!

We made our way back home (via Mcdonalds – I know but I was on a budget) to collect our bags and then back to l’opera to catch our Roissy bus to the airport. We were dropped off not quite at the right terminal (sounds vague and believe me it was) I was tired and getting a little frustrated but we found the right terminal eventually. The information for check in was intermittent and the food in the café was outrageously priced, not helped by the fact we were tired. A very helpful member of staff took us to the correct check-in and we were rid of our bags.Going through boarding Jess was taken to one side as she had a bottle of water in her hand luggage, the security guard tried to move me away until I explained she was a minor and I was her mother… oh the fun of your child being taller than you! Safe to say the bottle of water was thrown away.

As you’d expect, the shops in Duty Free were very expensive so we settled with books, DS’ and playing cards (oh and had a little game of hide and seek).

On landing at Birmingham airport, my partner Phil was late getting to us from his football match so we settled down to wait for him, it was fine though as we were still laughing and joking by the time he turned up 10.15pm, buzzing with all the fun we’d had.



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