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The Greek islands promise truly idyllic holidays where unforgettable food, sunsets and scenery will leave you with memories to savour long after the holiday is over. The archipelago is home to hundreds of inhabited islands which can make choosing just one, a slightly overwhelming decision. Read on to learn some of our favourites  chosen for what they can offer different personality types and interests.

                                                       The Hedonist – Mykonos

Restaurant overlooking Mykonos

Looking to up the style stakes this summer? Look no further than the sparkling shores of Mykonos, situated on the west coast of Greece. Dubbed the Ibiza of Greece, its Cycladic beaches are a nod to the glitz and glamour of St. Tropez – home to hordes of visiting A-list celebrities and well-groomed tourists. Fine restaurants, beach bars, boutiques and relentless partying line the banks of this lively island, which means you’re never far from away from a hive of activity. Getting into the town of Mykonos couldn’t be easier, with the main airport a mere 4km away – beckoning you in like a moth to a glowing light.

The Historian – Delos

Delos island, Greece, is an important archeological site with numerous old ruins. In this photo ancient stone walls, earthenware urns and architectural columns are visible with red poppies flowering in the foreground. Photo taken in springtime against clear blue sky. Horizontal color image with copy space.

Satisfying the historical hunger pangs that gnaw at your ancient Greek soul couldn’t be better fulfilled than by visiting the mystical island of Delos. Hailed as one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, it may come as no small surprise that it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A short ferry ride from the hedonistic island of Mykonos sees the bustling crowds melt away, replaced with sprawling ancient ruins that formed a once opulent and majestic city in its own right. Pretend you’re Apollo and wander around its Doric temples, amphitheatre and the iconic Terrace of the Lions.

The Romantic – Symi

pictorial Greece series- Symi island, Dodecanes

The Cyclades archipelago is home to a diverse range of islands, each with their own character, each offering a unique perspective on Greece’s iconic shores. If island-hopping and bustling beach cafes are proving too much, why not retire to the romantic island of Symi – the perfect destination for couples wanting to enjoy their own quiet company, against a backdrop of unsurpassed charm and beauty. It may be a two-hour ferry ride from Rhodes International Airport, but one glimpse of its wine-coloured houses and neoclassical architecture is enough to have you cooing off the boat and all the way to your hotel.

The Parents – Corfu

Beautiful Paleokastritsa beach on Corfu, Kerkyra, Greece

Family holidays can be a delicate balance of practicality, excitement and affordability. When fun is on the agenda, nothing caters en masse for the crowd like Corfu. Forming the north-westernmost part of Greece, it has something for everyone. Culture is always on the menu, with a plethora of historical significance adorning the island. Fantastic resorts litter the island, with activities that will keep the most adventurous happily satiated, in and out of its cobalt blue waters. Corfu airport is just a ten minute drive to the main town, so getting the family there is simple and easy – catapulting you from the plane to the beach lounger in moments.

The Epicurean – Crete

Crete, Greece - June 14, 2006: An open air restaurant with young tourists in the country center of Rethimno.

For those interested in the finer aspects of life, there is no better place in Greece to sample locally sourced gastronomy than in Crete. Set amongst the glittering Mediterranean, the ‘locavore’ is in abundance, with locally produced meat, cheese and wine, herbs and vegetables gathered from nearby hillsides – making this a must-see island for any food aficionado. One of the most southernmost islands in Greece, Heraklion is on the northern tip of the island. Visit the Palace of Knossos, Elafonissi Beach or sip a glass of wine at any of the wonderful coastal bars along its shores.



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