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By Martin Rechsteiner

I’m a passionate tester, blogger and podcaster always discovering new things in life and then reporting on them. I’ve got two daughters, one I’m bringing to Barcelona with me! I’ve been to Amsterdam, Berlin, London, San Francisco to name but a few.

Martin’s Steps

Three whole days in Barcelona, Spain


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Day 1

I have taken a very special partner on this trip; my 6 year old daughter.

We plan to spend our trip creating memories that will last a lifetime. We started our holiday with a boat trip, seeing the city from a very different and interesting perspective.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather as the sun shone down on us  and we spent our 1.5 hour boat trip seeing lots of the highlights from the water including the Montjuic, the marina and the W-Hotel.

The blue water, sandy beaches and gorgeous city provided the perfect backdrop to our first activity of the trip.

If you fancy a bird’s eye view of the city then head up to the Castell De MontJuic. The Montjuic cable car or in my native German tongue the Seilbahn, was great fun and promises panoramic views.

We headed up to the Castell 119 meters above the city and the port of Barca looking down on the places we wanted to go next. My daughter absolutely loved riding in the cable car and made sure that we travelled back down in it and even travelled to the hotel. Although she couldn’t believe that a cable car could exist without a mountain!

My Barcelona

Day 2

Another day in Barcelona and another new experience. This morning it’s the biggest crepes we  had ever seen at Creps Barcelona. We went for a nutella and honey crepes and couldn’t eat them quick enough!

So, so delicious and they were even gluten free so it’s great to see that the city offers those not eating gluten lots of places to get their fix of the city’s culinary delights.

After fueling up with the huge crepes we walked to the Parc de la Ciutadella. A cosy park in the middle of the city that’s got a huge monument in the middle.

Hidden in the foliage and trees you’ll even find a mammoth spying on all the people enjoying the park. There’s a zoo at the other end of the park but we had too much fun in the park and looking at the beautiful Basilica de la Sagrada Familia that we didn’t go in.

We were so in awe of the outer beauty of the church that we spent the afternoon appreciating it without having to ever go in, we also didn’t fancy the two hour wait to get in!


My Barcelona

Day 3

Casa Mila is our first stop of the day. I have to say it is one of the most impressive buildings we have seen yet.

Not as high as some other buildings we have been to, but we enjoyed the view it gave them without letting vertigo get the best of us.

The house itself is very futuristic and my daughter remarked that it felt like she was going into the future. The only thing that didn’t feel futuristic were the old phones that she found fascinating and wondered how people used the take them when they left the house!

A must see recommendation from both of us.

Lunchtime on the third day hits and we head to Onesa  entrepans  on Carrer de la Llibreteria. We sampled the delicious gluten free sandwiches which more than fill the gap left by all our mornings exploits. The sandwiches are fresh and filled with good wholesome food and the staff are super friendly.

My Barcelona
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