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By Stuart Holdsworth

I’m a blogger who focuses on UK Street Art. The best place I’ve been has got to be the Norwegian Fjords – they are breathtaking. Of course I can’t wait to see the street art but really just can’t wait to start exploring.

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Three whole days in Barcelona, Spain


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Day 1



I started my first morning in Barcelona by exploring the Gothic Quarter down the Carrer Dels Tallers. The Gothic Quarter is full of alleys and hidden streets with shutters which graffiti writers and street artists  use as their playground. It was here that I stumbled upon some beautiful pieces of street art but this woman was my favourite by far.

Another wonderful piece of art I found was one of Barcelona’s most famous murals. This piece was done by Keith Haring, a famous American artist and activist who was known in the 80’s New York street’s culture scene.

This mural was executed in 1989 in Barcelona’s Barrio del Chino. In the mid-90’s, the mural was disintegrating, so a tracing was made, and the mural was transferred to an outdoor wall at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.

It was a bit of a treat to come across these cheeky chickens from British artist Binty Bint amongst all the graffiti.




What was an ultimately fruitless search for a mural in the northern suburbs lead me to this sensational view over this city. I found a piece by my favourite artists Pez so my day was pretty much made by that.

My Barcelona

Day 2

I was so inspired by the art I saw throughout my first day, I  put together a video that better  explains everything I saw yesterday. A truly wonderful sneak peak into the street art around the Barri Gotic. Scroll down the page to view this.

The great thing about Street art is you can really get to know the city just by wandering around and when you stumble upon some great art it’s like you are discovering something really great and unexpected . Like this piece from Ewfrank, just one of many pieces on a legal painting wall in the Saint Martin area of Poblenou.



I moved on to what was probably the heart of the old industrial area of Poblenou home to a rather grand former factory. It's just around the corner from this grand old row of houses which feel really colonial. Some beautiful architecture, I can imagine a lot of this area would have looked similar at one point. This is all in the Carrer de pere IV. Barri Gothic itself is very close to the main streets but when you’re exploring the area you totally forget you’re that close to some of the busiest parts of the city. This afternoon I moved on to the hidden suburb of Gracia and found this colourful little mural (on the Placa del Poble Roman) featuring lots of local artists and was part of a project that worked with children with learning disabilities. Moving onto a more residential suburb in the east I came across this graffiti wall next to a local school, Escola del Clot. Residential areas can be challenging, as finding the murals is harder when they’re hidden down side streets. Luckily I have spotted another Pez!

My street art tour continues onto the corner of Carrer de l’agriculture and Carrer de Venezuela where nearly all the walls around the whole block are painted with murals. I loved the feet against the wall  by Manu Twice, a local artist. As well as the super cool portrait of Khadwo Adae on the Carrer d’Agriculture by Sebastien Watknine.

To top it off, I came across a  little piece from our pal Seclestyle who we meet up with last night and who introduced us to a few more characters in the street art scene. I have to say that one of the great things about following the street art scene is being able to meet the artists who are always happy to introduce to a more of the characters.

My Barcelona

Day 3

Wednesday will be another street art packed day for me.  Yesterday I managed to  get a little more up close and personal with the street artists and actually managed to meet and speak to some of them.

There’s a great legal spot on the corner of Carrer del Peru and Carrer de la Selva de Mar where I bumped into a couple of street artists who were just about to start painting.

We had a quick chat and were directed to lots more art to go and see. Spending a few hours chatting with more artists and art fans on their travels they headed back to see how the artists had got on.

The one thing they all the artist we met had in common is that they were absolutely drawn to Barcelona artistic heritage.

My last afternoon saw me meet BL2A who does delicate little artworks around the city, see the watering can above. He’s a stencil artist and showed me how he goes about his work.

After that I went on a walkabout with Rombillos who did some some ‘take what you need posters’ that translates to love, hope, health, patience, strong, liberty etc. The idea being that you just take what you need at the time.

I ended this afternoon on a gallery tour recommended by the artists I had met along the way.

It has been a truly awe inspiring look at all of Barcelona’s extensive street art collection for me over the past 3 days.It certainly wont be the last time Barcelona’s streets see me!

The galleries are all within a short walk of each other on the centre and are supportive of urban artists, the latter one in particular has some amazing work in there from mainly Barcelona based artists. This piece above  is from Ivana Flores and I am in love with her work, she is a Barcelona based artist supported by the Base Elements Gallery.

Next is a place  is Carrer d’esoronceda next to Parc de Centre del Poblenou which is an old complex on the outskirts of town and which obviously used to be part of the industrial history of old Barcelona. It’s partly ruined but partly operational with workshops. Above you can see a bit of a closer look at some of the art on the  complex walls.


My Barcelona
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