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With thousands of paradise-like beaches, Thailand attracts fans of sand and sea from around the world. The aquamarine-like water and gently swaying palm trees are just some of the lures of the country’s beach life. From classic holiday destinations to remote islands, here are Thailand’s top 10 beach destinations!

Hua Hin Beach

Often dubbed as Thailand’s best Thai-style beach resort, Hua Hin’s gently curving sandy beach is the spot where locals escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Hua Hin is calmer on weekdays and hailed for its culinary heritage with Thai restaurants lining the beach.

Hua Hin is a two-hour drive away from Bangkok – if you avoid the rush hour.

2) Patong Beach

With palm trees lining the white sandy beach, Patong Beach is a long-time classic destination in Phuket. Patong Beach is the centre of the island’s nightlife and shopping, and with Bangla Road’s bars and neon lights close by, Patong is popular party beach.

Phuket has an international airport.

3) Koh Yao Noi

For luxurious lingering on a pristine beach, head to Koh Yao Noi, a less visited destination near Phuket. Koh Yao Noi is an island in the Andaman sea with busy Phuket to the west and trendy Krabi to the east. Nowadays it’s hard to come across The Beach -like paradise idyl in Thailand, but Koh Yao Noi comes pretty close.

Arrival from Phuket and Krabi by ferry.

4) Long Beach

Stretching for over four kilometres, Long Beach is Koh Lanta’s most popular beach. The sandy beach is lined by tall pine trees which conveniently hide most of the island’s hotels and restaurants, giving the beach a relaxed feel. Long Beach also gets deep pretty quickly so it’s a perfect spot for a quick plunge while sun bathing.

Long Beach is a ten minute’s drive away from Koh Lanta’s ferry port.

5) Andaman Beach

For quiet relaxation and the famous Thailand sunsets, head to Koh Jum’s Andaman Beach. Andaman Beach is uncrowded and the bungalow resorts near the beach front offer a memorable spot to take in the beauty of Thailand’s beach life. Pack a few good books, sun lotion – and a bit of money, as there are no ATMs on the paradise island!

Koh Jum is located between Koh Lanta and Krabi.

6) Railay Beach

Railay is a classic destination in Krabi for beachgoers, rock climbers and sunbathers alike. Accessible by boat, the beach is lined by limestone cliffs which create a magical wall between the blissful beach and the common world. Although beautiful in itself, there is also a cave entrance from Railay to the mind-blowing Phra Nang Beach.

Krabi has an airport, buses from Bangkok and Phuket get to Krabi in ten and four hours respectively.

7) Koh Kradan

The mostly uninhabited Koh Kradan’s main beach gives a sublimely luxurious setting for the modern-day Robinson Crusoes: 90% of the land is protected by a National Park. Koh Kradan’s main beach invites to spread out the hammock and gaze to the horizon dotted by limestone outcrops – yet the lure to snorkel or kayak around the island is tempting, too.

Koh Krahdan is a short ferry trip away from Koh Lanta.

8) White Sand Beach

The island of Ko Chang is a safe and hassle-free beach destination for families, couples and solo-travelers alike. The best beach on the island is the White Sand Beach which paradise-like beach is dotted with deluxe oceanside villas, beautiful bungalows and resort hotels.

Two ferries arrive to Ko Chang from the mainland every day of the year.

9) Mae Nam

Romance is always in the air in Koh Samui’s Mae Nam Beach. One of the popular island’s less crowded beaches, Mae Nam is a combination of peaceful relaxation, resorts and old-fashioned bungalows. The beach is located near the popular Bohput’s Fisherman’s Village, an old fishing village converted into a market.

Koh Samui has an airport but the island is also connected to the mainland by a ferry.

10) Thong Nai Pan

A sandy bay with lush greenery on the surrounding hills contrasting to the turquoise water: this is Thong Nai Pan. The location’s stunning natural beauty has made Thong Nai Pan a boutique resort destination and the beach is one of the most beautiful ones in Koh Phanang.

Koh Phanang is located a ferry-hop away from the nearby Koh Samui.



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