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Are you looking for somewhere that balances the service of a classic hotel with the comfort of your very own pad? Do you prize privacy and peacefulness on your travels? And do vernacular architectural features and local touches get you going? If so, they are all reasons to seek out cottages from ebookers. There are loads to pick from, each oozing a unique style and offering a level of comfort and isolation you might not be able to find in larger-scale resorts.

One thing you're bound to notice about cottages is just how well they channel the local look. There are timber-built cabanas in Bali that come surrounded by lichen-studded Hindu totems. There are salt-washed seaside cottages in England that are thatched to mirror the age-old townhouses of the surrounding hamlets. There are alpine boltholes with lumber structures, and Spanish pueblo spots with terracotta roofs that cascade down the sides of dusty sierras. The upshot is that opting to stay in holiday cottages means opting to surround yourself with tradition and authentic architecture.

Then there's the undeniable comfort that's part and parcel of a holiday cottage. This isn't a hotel block or a compact motel, which means you're likely to get plenty more space to sprawl out and enjoy your environment. Lots of cottages even come nestled in their own leafy gardens, which could mean a ring of blooming orchids and chirping geckos in the tropics, colourful rose beds in Europe, or green lawns that are great for BBQ evenings in the US and Australia. Porches, patios and verandas are also common additions – perfect if you're someone who enjoys living a little of the al fresco life.

If you're keeping a close eye on the travel budget, a stay in a cottage can also help stretch the pennies further. The rates might not be as shoestring as other accommodations like campsites or motels, that's true. But you could bag yourself somewhere with self-catering facilities. That means you'll be able to rustle up your own food whenever you want, save money by hopping between local markets, and have that much-needed cup of tea at just the press of a kettle button come morning.

With such an eclectic mix of cottages in the offing on ebookers, it's likely that no 2 trips will ever be the same, even if you're a regular visitor to the destination. No matter if you're after somewhere uber-romantic to while away the honeymoon in the midst of nature, a family pad with a porch, or a countryside nook to get the adventure juices flowing over half term, there's bound to be something to suit. Just be sure to enter the dates you're planning on travelling and let us do the rest. Our nifty travel map can make things really easy, especially if you're after a little inspiration. It lets you zoom in and out of your chosen destination to pinpoint all the holiday cottages that are nearest the sights and attractions you're most keen to see.