Find the Best Treehouse Hotels in 2024

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If you're craving an escape that will have you totally immersed in nature, tree houses could be just what you're after. These eco-orientated accommodations are a ticket to the natural side of a destination, a welcome escape from the bright lights and buzzing energy of the city. Seeking out one of the many tree house stays on the menu on ebookers today means opting to snuggle up to the sound of rustling leaves, to have greenery blooming right outside the window, to swap modern conveniences for rustic lodges where fresh air and untamed outdoors adventures await.

There's a distinct eco edge to many tree houses around the globe. Upcycled materials and bamboo-built furniture is the sort of thing you'll catch inside, while on-site bars serve up health-focussed smoothies and raw vegan meals aplenty. Throw in a medley of yoga classes in the morning, guided wildlife walks, bicycle rentals, hiking excursions, canyoning trips and the like, and you start to get an idea about what calibre of activities can fill the days on tree house holidays. The upshot is that these stays are perfect if you're an eco-conscious traveller with a focus on only leaving physical footprints in the destinations you want to check off the bucket list.

There's a huge range of different sorts of these to pick from on ebookers, too. Whether you're after something a little plush in the form of tree house hotels that have elegant suites with cushiony beds and stylish ensuite bathrooms, or a really rustic getaway where the buildings creak when the forests sway, not to mention shared facilities and dormitory options, you can rest assured there's a place to suit. That's also great news for budget-wary globetrotters, who can often unearth some great savings by skipping out of the city and basing themselves in the backwoods.

At the higher end of the tree house spectrum there's also room for some luxurious pads. These boutique offerings are great for couples looking for somewhere new to crank up the romance. The height of style imbues their eco-chic rooms with real character. Some channel Nordic elegance to create cool nooks that are lofted above the ground in Arctic spruce forests. Others resemble pioneer cabins with their timber-clad walls and woodland views. Of course, you get the usual 4- and 5-star additions on top – think spa facilities and swimming pools.

No matter if you're seeking a couples' retreat in the country or a carbon-conscious escape from the petrol fumes and traffic jams of the city, a tree house promises to be something totally different to your usual hotel. If these eco spots where no 2 trips are ever the same have piqued the interest, be sure to check out the sheer wealth of woodland places that are on offer on ebookers. You just need to enter the dates you're planning on travelling and we'll list all the best pads in the destination. You can easily filter out any that don't match your criteria, or zoom in and out using our handy travel map to reveal all the hidden tree houses across the area.